It is never God’s will for us to remain in a place of dispair.

God uses moments filled with anguish to move us into a position of adoration – adoration becomes the point of transformation, leading us into transition…

When we transcend into a state of heartfelt adoration, as we seek God’s face, His presence show up as a display of light in our dark moments, almost like the Northern Lights, where a beautiful display of colours, dancing on the darkness, transform the atmosphere.

God’s presence infuse our personal dark moments, leaving the atmosphere transformed.

His presence is filled with His 7 Spirits. In our adoration He infuses us with The Spirit of The Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Councel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of The Lord.

Hope is renewed and like Moses we are able to lift our faith filled with hope –  like a staff, and see the ocean part, where we can embrace the new direction God lead our hearts into…

My prayer is that this word may encourage your heart, knowing that God can transform your anguish…

Don’t allow the enemy in keeping you stuck in a place of agony.

There is a way out… through adoration!

In times of torment, trauma, pain and suffering… surrender your heart into seeking the Lord. Choose to lift your staff of hope in faith and transform your atmosphere through heartfelt adoration, filled with thanksgiving, praise and worship.

As you adore The Way Maker, The Lord of Breakthroughs, He lead your footsteps to dry ground!

You will find the prophetic word “From Anguish to Adoration” in the section 
Planting Seed – Prophetic Words

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