Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey.

My breath is your open door in entering into heavens realities. I set before you, life and death, I set before you spirit of wisdom, spirit of understanding and spirit of councel.

My breath remains life and expansion for all who choose to move with Me and in Me.

Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey and connect with the frequency that will lead your spirit up and into, into a deeper dimension, into heavenly doors, filled with many rooms to discover. The secret in the greater outpouring is up and in. Take wisdom’s hand and embrace the staircase of love leading your heart int the enthronement of My love.

Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey and take understanding’s hand and rise into the expanse. Let’s go up! Let’s go in! Take my hand and enter the door leading to deeper intimacy. Discover doors of unfulfilled promises, blessings ready to be poured out and to manifest My glory.

It’s time to arise and ascend! Engage the secret staircase into the expanse, where My love and My presence is ready to embrace your heart. A world beyond your imagination, a world your deepest heart desire is waiting to explore. The great expanse is waiting your presence.

Come up higher, arise into the expanse.

My breath is the key, Yod Hey, Vav Hey. As you engage with My breath, untangle your mind and your heart, be entailed into and engaged with the hope of the breath of Yahweh. Come up higher, into the expanse, follow the frequency within My breath.

It is time to ascend into all heaven has to offer, it is time to embrace the secret staircase, connecting your heart to dream of what could be. Come up and step into layers of deep absorption of perfect union.

Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey and arise into the expanse, be infused in My breath and ascend the secret staircase, ascend into deeper intimacy and unite with My fullness.

Disconnect from hope deferred, disconnect from unrealised dreams, disconnect from your familiar reality.

Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey and take My hand. Follow the secret staircase, as you entangle yourself in My spirit, ascend, up and in.

Be reconnected with My breath, overflowing with blessing and promise, ascend the secret staircase, com up higher and be enthroned with heavenly bliss!

Engage the beauty in the secret place. Step into moments of deeper discovering. Reconnect with My spirit, leading your spirit to encounter and engage in moments beyond the expanse.

 I am Yahweh, the stairway to heaven, I am the truth and life. I am Yod Hey, Vav Hey.

Come up higher!

Breathe, Yod Hey, Vav Hey and arise into the expanse!


In the last days, many will say, come let us go up!

Song of Songs 2:13-14  …For now is the time to arise and come away with me. For you are my dove, hidden in the split-open rock. It was I who took you and hid you up high in the secret stairway of the sky.

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