My love invites you into companionship

My presence delight in your dependent heart. I adore your position of dependency. I delight in your adoration, the language of surrendering in dependency.

There is no reason to hide your weakness, even from Me. My love is the door in discovering strength in the midst of weakness. Enter the door of grace through adoration.

Rejoice in weakness, for weakness positions you for empowerment, the catalyst for deeper strength. Without weakness there can be no display of power, without dependency there can be no desire for adoration.

Surrender your weakness and lean into dependency in My in My presence, let dependency guide your spirit into deeper adoration. Adoration is the currency that converts weakness into strength.

Complete dependency in My grace, complete dependency in My ability, is the doorway into entering deeper empowerment. Rejoice in weakness, for weakness is the invitation to the manifestation of power displayed in My love.

Beloved, do not hide your heart in time of weakness, instead allow it to be exposed within My presence through leaning deeper into dependency. Adoration is the key. My power is alive and active within your weakness. Adoration is the magnet, drawing My power towards your weakness.

Rejoice in your moment of weakness, rejoice through adoration. Set your affection towards My faithfulness, for when you are weak, I remain your strength, My grace remains your empowerment, now you can rejoice and decree “For when I am weak, I am strong”. My power is perfected within your weakness. Rejoice and let the weak say, “I am strong!”

My love is the perfector of your weakness

Adoration is key, remain dependent within My love, for love endures, love never fails. My love empowers your spirit to overcome weakness.

Dependency in My ability awakens hope. My love does not disappoint those who anchor their hope in My faithfulness, in My grace.

Depend on My faithfulness, depend on My grace. Rejoice in weakness, for when you are weak My power is magnified within your hope. Turn your heart toward deeper adoration, the channel for empowerment through grace. Empowerment is activated through dependency. Adoration is the first step in declaring dependency.

Adoration is the antidote to weakness, and it begins with a declaration “I am weak!”, positioning your heart to rest in dependency in Me.

Rejoice in weakness and draw form the well of My power through adoration. Leaning deeper into My presence enables you to draw from My power. My power is made perfect within your weakness, My grace overshadows all weakness.

There is no shame, no condemnation in showing weakness. Rejoice in weakness, for the presence of weakness activates empowerment. Lean into My grace in your moment of weakness for My grace empowers the weak. My grace is sufficient, a great supply in all your need for strength.

Rejoice in weakness

I remain your greatest support in weakness. My hand of grace upholds the weak, My grace remains the pillar upholding you in times of weakness. Rejoice in weakness for it moves your heart to lean deeper into dependency upon My grace, My love and My faithfulness.

Abide in Me through adoration, the fuel empowering you in weakness.

Rejoice and let the weak say “I am strong”!


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