I take great delight in your genuine expression of worship. Your genuine display of worship ignites the flame, burning bright. Ignites the light that sparks the atmosphere with new hope, a flame filled with the expression of love.

I encourage you to continue to express yourself freely in worship, your genuine display of deep affection toward Me infuse those who long to connect deeply with Me and spark those who move in the flesh, those who deny My flame, those who do not understand and underestimate the power within the flames released in genuine worship.

It’s time for the body to catch the Fire, My burning coals heaped upon your heart, My burning flame of love kindling and igniting the passion within.

Yield your life as a living sacrifice, lay down your life and surrender before the altar of genuine worship. My love echoes an invitation for the laying down of “self”.

Instead of imitating ideals and opinions around you, be imitators of My heart, imitators of Me. Continuous imitation of My heart lights a flame of transformation, consuming self-worship and ignites a sacrifice and the laying down of self-love. Continue to offer yourself as a living sacrifice, continue to offer yourself as the fuel to fan the flames of transformation.

Imitating Me, activates reformation, re-igniting the way you think!

Genuine worship empowers you to discern My will, living a beautiful life in My image, My living expression.

The offering of laying down may be perceived as a high cost, instead it is small in exchange for the new light, the eternal life.

Your surrendered life is My greatest delight! How I love to indulge in the surrendered lives. How I love to overshadow surrendered lives with My consuming fire, igniting and refiling My burning ones to burn even brighter. I long for you to experience My greatest delights.

Surrendered worship opens the door, inviting your heart to step int and enjoy My greatest delights. I set before you a feast to fan your flame, to burn bright, even in the darkest of days. A moment of laying down, expands your thinking and dreaming, a moment of laying down enables you to adore, embrace and step into My greatest delights.

Accept the invitation to enter the dreamer’s door. Opportunities and delights consumed in My flames of fire, ready to ignite My burning ones.

It’s time to rise and shine, it’s time to enter the dream, the delight of My heart, to burn bright. One surrendered sacrifice holds enough power to ignite reformation beyond your imagination.

The flames within the dreamer’s door holds the power to reformation, therefore take courage and step in with boldness, let go of “self” and experience the delights of My heart. My delights are filled with endless dreams, ready to spark transformation, the flame for lasting change.

Holding on to “self” suffocates the dreams, visions and plans I have for you. The dreamer’s door is filled with imaginations beyond your expectation.

Accept the invitation to abandon your own thoughts, your own understanding to experience My immeasurable greatness for I am able to do exceedingly above all you can think or ask. This is the delight of My heart, to expand your life beyond your thinking through igniting your dreams with the flames of My love.

Beloved, you are born from above, born from My spirit, My life giving offering, to infuse life and ignite reformation. The flesh will always oppose the spirit, true transformation lies in laying down and sacrifice “self” in genuine worship. Offer your feelings, emotions and thinking and exchange them form the delights of My heart, offer the carnal for My eternal; exceeding great delights beyond your imagination.

Lay down your own expressions, your carnal experiences to be My living expression. Continue to sacrifice your mind, will and emotions as you abide in communion with Me. What I delight to ignite supersedes what you are willing to lay down.  Continue to present yourself as a living sacrifice, accept the delights of My heart as you abide in communion with Me.

Embrace the dreamer’s door, imaginations beyond your expectation that will ignite the eternal Flame to live as My living expression, the imitators of My dream and visions, the imitators of My heart.

In choosing to be a living sacrifice, you choose to be My living expression, imitators of My heart’s delights. My laid down life, offered as a sacrifice yielded an Eternal Flame. Embrace My consuming fire, My flame of eternal life. As you commune and yield yourself, step into My invitation to rise up as My living expression.

Nothing exists apart from Me. You are the living expression of My greatness, infused through your living sacrifices.

The more you sacrifice, the more I express the delight of My heart, My living light through your yielded life



Becoming a living sacrifice leads to reformation and transformation. As I commune and abide in Christ, as I yield my mind will and emotions, I am transformed into Papa’s living epression and I become the imitator of the delight of His heart. Papa’s heart is the dreamer’s door. His heart is filled with delights beyond our imagination. the way to enter the door is through becoming a living sacrifice, the laying down of “self” as I lay down myself I find my full expression in Papa. My offering ignites the expression of His heart, nature and delights. My purpose is to be the living expression of Papa’s heart. It’s time to engage with His heart – the dreamer’s door and partner with what He dreams over me.

Romans 12:1-2 TPT

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