My name is Marisca Viana and I am super excited to journey with you. It is my prayer that what I share here will be like a ray of light moving you deeper into the heart of Jesus Christ, our source and as you journey that Papa’s heart will be unveiled even more as you discover hidden treasures of your identity in Him. May the encouragement revealed here enable you to remain standing during the pressing times, for it is in the pressing where the purest of oil is generated until you reap the harvest!

Words carry power, what we say have the ability to create, as God created with His words, so can we. In this section you will find proclamations to voice, that can assist you during trying times to bring transformation in your atmosphere. My prayer is that as you proclaim the truth in God’s word that you shall yield fruit and reap a harvest.

Prayer position our faith. This is conversations we have with Papa, where we have the opportunity to come boldly to His throne and pour out our heart before God. Many going through trials often struggle with words to pray. It is my prayer that you will find the prayers in this section resourceful to enable you to remain grafted in the source of all strength Jesus Christ of Nazareth. May it inspire you to continue to pray at all times.

Papa has many different ways how He chooses to speak with us. In this section I share words that God share with me. It is my prayer that these words will encourage and uplift you. May it enable you to draw closer to Papa as you seek to understand how wide and deep His love is towards you.

Quantum Moments

Quantum Moments

Beloved, Flow in the moment, move as My spirit lead yours. Every day...

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