Flow in the moment, move as My spirit lead yours. Every day is filled with doors leading to moments to cherish, moments leading into deeper encounters and deeper revelations.

Guard your heart and guard your time, for the slanderer, the accuser tempts to lead your heart from our holy moments. Instead of being led through responding to temptations, be reminded that you are a son of light, born of My Spirit, a son that is moved by My Spirit and My Word.

My Spirit consumed your Spirit with quantum power, to move with holy moments. Position yourself to receive as you remain fully present and fully engaged. Remain in our moments and receive, continue to engage in the current flow of my quantum love without becoming distracted by thoughts of the past or of what the future may hold.

The now moment is filled with quantum power, filled with My quantum love, to lead your spirit into the staircase, into greater moments and deeper levels of engagement. I have destined quantum moments to cherish, moments with the purpose to encounter Me, to encounter My love and My presence.

Beloved, follow the changing rhythm, the new frequency, for its purpose is to lead your spirit into moments with great intentionality. See each moment as a door, a gateway, leading your spirit into encounters, life changing and spirit growing encounters. Encounters filled with the intention to expand your spirit, to see with quantum perspective.

Be intentional in every moment, for every moment is like a seed, filled with potential to reap a bountiful harvest. I am with you, every moment, and IN every moment.

Today, be intentional, take a quantum leap into quantum moments with Me. I have set you apart and I have chosen you to be part of this momentous moment, to be the carrier of My seed, to plant seed in every moment.

I have destined your days with quantum opportunities, to plant momentous seed, each seed is like a key, unlocking new doors, each for its appointed time. Be reminded that negative emotions are like a plague that overshadows moments, leading to the destruction of an entire harvest. One negative moment embraced, carries enough potential to pollute and destroy a harvest filled with seed and fruit carrying moments.

There are moments growing, moments to be harvested, moments leading towards doors filled with unlimited potential, unlimited opportunities. I have gifted your life with quantum moments, therefore be intentional in every moment, be led by My spirit.

Overshadow each moment with love, for love holds enough nourishment to bring every moment into the fulfilment of its purpose. Love is the nourishment that will lead to the birthing of quantum moments filled with eternal potential.

Redeem moments through intention.

Though you may fear that now moments and future moments will be missed, know that you have the power to redeem. Be intentional in calling forth the redemption of each moment. Redeem paralysed and judged moments as you move with Me in the Spirit and continue to overshadow moments not savored, moments destroyed and stole, through love.

Love is the key in redeeming moments.

Beloved, continue to partner with Me as we journey in co-creation. Co-creating moments to harvest the lost. Continue to journey with Me as Holy Spirit intentionally lead your spirit into moments to touch, moments to uplift and encourage, moments to unlock, and moments that will release the fragrance of love into the atmosphere.

There are quantum moments waiting to be touched in order to release the aroma, to release the fragrance of change and transformation. Take My hand and let us continue in our journey of quantum love. Let us co-create quantum moments, through intention. Remain intentional, for distractions and temptations will come. Choose to co-create WITH Me, together we will create reformational moments, moments leading into quantum leap encounters.

Beloved, as you continue to yield to the dynamic life and power of Holy Spirit, you will dominate in moments through divine love. Instead of yielding to the desires of your self-life, choose a quantum leap moment as you choose to be led by the dynamic power of Holy Spirit.

You are a son, born from My Spirit, destined for quantum moments, to elevate you into quantum encounters with My presence.

Come Beloved! Accept the invitation to be consumed and to get lost in quantum love as you cherish each moment.




Papa destined you to encounter quantum moments with His heart. You have to be intentional in order to encounter moments with Him. Your journey is filled with opportunities, you choose if you want to engage in the moment. Moments are like doors, leading into quantum opportunities to encounter.

A moment can be like a rosemary, eucalyptus or lavender field, growing and waiting to be touched. Once touched, a pleasant aroma is released, a beautiful fragrance, that not only fill the atmosphere, but transforms the energy level of the atmosphere. You are called to touch someone in a specific moment in order for them to release the beautiful fragrance they carry inside. Be intentional and embrace opportunities filled with quantum leap encounters, for there is a vast field filled with opportunities waiting to be touched.

Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. (KJV). The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of Holy Spirit (TPT)



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