As I spend time with the Lord I received word in three focus areas which I felt will not only be focus areas for 2020 but the next ten years. 

Father, I ask that you will align my heart with Your vision, ignite Your roar inside my heart as I decree Your vision to life. Father I trust in Your perfect provision for seed to sow, seed that will expand Your vision. Father guide my heart towards Your heart desire and enable me to be obedient to Your ways.

Activate me for Your greatness. In Jesus Name I pray



“My open hand supplies seed to sow and bread to eat, not only will I supply BUT multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness” (2 Cor 9:10)

 Those who come into alignment with My vision will inherit a double portion of seed, seed to sow and seed to enjoy.

 Be persistent with your pressing in, for those who remain persistent in sowing the seed I provide, will eat the fruit of My multiplication. Those who remain persistent will be catapulted into the multiplication zone.

 Be persistent in sowing in faith, sowing seeds of:

  • Prayers
  • Declarations
  • Worship in Adoration
  • Thanksgiving and Praise
  • Obedience in Doing My word/Living My Will

 These are the keys that opens doors and activates the power of My hand, freely blessing your seed to grow and multiply. Your decrees and diligent intersession opens the doorway for My blessing to be poured out upon your seed.

My hand holds the seed for sowing

My and holds water for multiplication

My hand covers and protect the double portions of seed to the sower.

 I have blessed the seed for it is anchored in My love, I am taking My faithful ones into a time of abundance where I will multiply the seed sown. I provide the seed and I multiply the seed. Do not be afraid to sow abundantly for sowing activates multiplication.


 “Thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee” (Job 22:28)

 Roaring with authority activates My vision. Now is the time to move forward boldly. Now is the time to activate the sound of adoration and the waves of restoration. Decree the end as the beginning with much persistence. My vision will be multiplied in your roaring and sowing. The secret in releasing is to decree and release the seed of faith in order for My hand of blessing to move in power.

 Take note of the vision

 Declare the unseen!

My open had has already blessed your seed to  in order to Bloom, to Multiply and to be Fruitful. Those who adopt My perfect vision also acquire My perfect provision, for My hand is open to all who diligently engage and partner with My perfect vision.

 As you align with My heart and My vision, as you become ONE with My will, My direction and My ways, you open the doorway into perfect multiplication for harvest.

 The time to harvest My vision has come.

 Those who align their hearts, decrees and their ways to My perfect vision will see the open hand of My provision.

 Extraordinary provision awaits those who aligns their roar, their decrees with My perfect vision.


 Expect an increase to the platform of influence. I support My people by surrounding them with handpicked influencers, men and women who seek My council and follow My direction. Men and women who remain courageous, who are game changers, who uplift and encourage My body with My Word and My revelation. They set the pace for those who need to follow.

 “In order to receive the rain, one need to connect with the rain drops”

 Moses led through My leading, seeking My face and My direction His life of obedience toward Me influenced Joshua where he too became a face seeker. Out of our intimacy he enjoyed the fruit as I moved him into the miracle zone, where he witnessed My open hand of blessings and miracles beyond measure.

 Influencers are for your elevation, expect an increase in the rising up of influential leaders who will lead according to My heart, and My word. Leaders whom I chose to expand your platform, your wisdom and stir a desire towards a deep intimate relationship with Me.

 You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of this world,  called to ignite hearts with My love. The time is now to be bold and to take up your position as a fire starter and be an influencer of My vision, My voice and My love.

 Expect a double portion in influential encounters which will set direction, expand provision and stir deeper passion to live My will. As you set the pace according to My direction, you shall eat the seed of My provision, for you carry the fire to ignite hearts ready to be influenced by My love, to burn even brighter for Me.

 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” Prov 27:17

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