I am moving you into a season of transition, where I want to show you things unseen before, things totally new to you, but totally normal for Me. For long you have found yourself in a place of emptiness, where you could not see the fruit and taste that I am GOOD.

Know that even in this place of lowliness I have been with you, I have been very –very close to your heart. This position moved you into a calling and crying – I have heard your plea for change, I have heard your petition for transition, for something new, yet your tears kept you from seeing. Your brokenness, your despair, your tears filled with disappointment has blinded you from seeing MY plan, and embracing My provision.

Beloved, today wipe your tears away and open your eyes. Look within, look from My perspective and SEE… see that the 5 loaves and 2 fish was an illusion of lack, for I was able to feed so many yet with 12 baskets remaining.

Open your eyes and see that while you were crying out for a drink… I prepared a well that never run dry… Open your eyes and see, while crying out from a position of despair and feeling trapped in prison, I kept you and prepared you to rule and reign, I placed provision strategically before you. Open your eyes and look BEYOND… Look beyond your fear, look beyond your emotions of betrayal and see the kingship robe that I have kept for you.

Beloved, many times you felt your prayers has passed Me by, many times you felt abandoned in your suffering, questioning My presence and even My existence. In your tears of doubt, I shaped your heart with my unfailing love, in your moment of doubt, walking with little trust and crying out for but one drink, Instead of a drink I have placed before you a well that never run dry.

Embrace the shift in focus, move boldly into the change My love offer, for I am birthing a new sight within your heart, training your heart to see ME. As you keep on moving, as you keep pressing in, embrace the transformation I have set before you!

See that instead of an ocean, I have placed before you dry ground, to move across what seemed impossible. Instead of an altar flooded with water, I have set before you a burning flame that reveals My majesty. Instead of a Lions den of devour and death, I have set before you a platform that display My glory, mercy and love.

Beloved, as you look upon your own personal Sinai, a mountain unable to move, take note of the cloud of My presence set before you. Know that My presence MOVE, My presence transform and My presence open your sight enabling you to see My glory light. Instead of looking from a position of lack and need…wipe away your tears and look with restored sight, look from your position of victory and promise – take note of My ABILITY to move in mysterious ways. Take note of My ability to transform and change… It all starts with what you CHOOSE to SEE….

Do you see yourself trapped in a pit? Or do you see the possibility of a dream being unlocked….

Do you see yourself abandoned in a desert? Or do you see Manna from heaven…

Do you see yourself fighting a losing battle? Or do you see the sun stand still…

Do you see only but a rock? Or do you see rivers of water gushing from within…

 Beloved, I am moving your sight into a transition to SEE My limitless possibilities. Look beyond, look through the lens of My NATURE. Look through the promises My heart decree and My nature display, and see the opportunities of limitless possibilities.

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