Become vulnerable with Me so that I can become vulnerable with you. As you descend into a state of being vulnerable to ascend into deeper encounters with Me and experience the more My presence has to offer, dive deeper and abide with persistence, together we shall ascend for there is a seat that carries your name.

Abide and surrender is the key in activating your heart to ascend into heavenly places and occupy your rightful place, your seat in heaven. As you continue to circumcise your heart, willing to be exposed, dive into complete dependency to what My presence carry. Let your heart surrender to the mercy of My grace.

Beloved, as you become vulnerable in My presence, enter the door of trust, come before Me without guards around your heart. Trust Me fully as you let go of the temptation to steer your heart and your concerns, let go of the temptation to be the protector of your emotion.

Continue to seek, continue to yield your most inner guarded truth, thoughts and travails. Allow Me to overshadow your heart with My mercy and be vulnerable with you.

Embrace the intimate journey of our togetherness as I pour out My passion to care for the state of your heart, your faith and your expansion into deeper yieldedness, for I have prepared a seat, a throne upon My heart, reserved for the yielded, the vulnerable, the surrendered chasers after My presence, My touch, My love!

Embrace the outpouring of My truth as I overshadow your heart with incorruptible seeds filled with potential, the containers of My hidden secrets, My mysteries, ready to be activated in conception.

It pleases Me to be vulnerable with you for I desire to be fully known, fully trusted and fully loved as I know you, trust you and love you, fully.

Beloved, I devote Myself to protect your heart and shield you from the devourer of peace, warring to incapacitate your thoughts and beliefs, tempting to consume your heart with fear, unbelief and doubt.

Be overshadowed by the glory of My presence as I breathe over your heart a fresh breath of new momentum, enabling you to excel into deeper understanding of My love and My ability to nurture your heart, your life and your calling and purpose. Continue to descend and be awakened.

As you continue to descend, I prepare your heart to ascend….

The moment has arrived to activate a deeper outpouring of refreshing water, the gift of life that does not forsake, instead leads your heart into eternal life and abundance, overflowing with joy.

Continue to be vulnerable in My presence and embrace the ascending into deeper encounters as I prepare your heart to receive a greater portion as I pour My spirit upon you, bless you and guide your heart into complete satisfaction, yet hungry for more!

The moment is here to resurrect your heart into a holy fire filled with burning flames of power, love and soundedness of mind. The time has come to restore your language of love, intimacy and unity, leading your heart into deeper truth.

The time has come to re-set the direction of My light as I reflect My glory upon your yielded heart to mirror My love in darkness.

My light is the transparency of truth leading your heart through rough places unto level ground. My love does not forsake!

Embrace My light!

Arise and shine for My light stir your heart to burn with everlasting brightness as we continue to be vulnerable in our journey of intimacy!


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