Sometimes when we discover we are in a fiery furnace of affliction, our temptation is to respond with fear, anxiety, anger, discouragement and a whole lot of other emotions, mainly because we experience discomfort and feel uncertain of what the outcome will be. Discomfort is displeasing, it causes one to feel smothered and can even consume your thoughts, speech etc. It can cause one to be very much focused on the affliction and tempt our hearts to lean on our own understanding and even make plans to escape the affliction, thus stepping out of TRUST.

Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus died for every form of affliction, He overcame the flames of oppression and got back the keys of victory! It was through His sacrifice of love that you and I were given eternal victory and freedom from affliction!

The truth is, instead of being consumed by flames of oppression and affliction in the fiery furnace, we are consumed by FLAMES OF LOVE. So, when you find yourself in a fire furnace, the key is to look with the right perception, to look with eyes of TRUTH. In the beginning all you can see is flames of oppression, flames of affliction, but if you look DEEPER, if you look beyond carnal emotions, you will see that the war was flames of oppression against flames of Love… and THE FLAMES OF LOVE overcame the flames of affliction.

The truth is, all flames of oppression and affliction IS overcome by THE FLAMES OF LOVE. There is no flame of oppression that can devour you because you are overshadowed by the flames of LOVE. There is a deeper truth still.

In Christ we are ONE, we have His FULLNESS, we are CO-RAISED and CO-GLORIFIED with Him. So when we are one with Him, we are ONE with THE flame of Love, so when we take that ONENESS and we put it back into the fiery furnace, we are then able to CLEARY SEE that we are untouchable, for Jesus has already given us VICTORY over the flames of oppression and now we can embrace the truth, that we are joined as one with THE ONE, who has overcome every form of flame, every form of oppression, every flame of affliction.

Your key in resisting the flames of oppression is activated FAITH, believing the truth that this ONENESS has set you above the flames. This places me in a position where I can embrace my victory despite my surroundings, I am able to see that LOVE is my perfect resting place, within the flames of LOVE I am able to find comfort within the discomfort, for I already have victory, I am set free.

Papa’s flames of love overshadow me; therefore, I can roar my decrees with boldness. Truly nothing can come against me! Nothing can oppress me, unless I allow it, unless I give it space in my life through doubt and disbelief.

So, in the fiery furnace of affliction, in the flames of oppression, I need to actively exercise my FAITH and stand in the truth that the flames have already been overcome and I have victory NOW and in all circumstances. I can find comfort within the discomfort knowing that the victory is already mine.

In the program Survivor Jeff always tells the participants “FIRE REPRESENTS LIFE “

If your flame is out… so are you in the game… sometimes it seem as if the tribe who don’t have fire, will not outlast the challenges of the game. The flame is comfort, it’s the enabler that provide the opportunity for warmth and to make food etc. and if your torch is snuffed out, it’s game over for you…

In life we can stand on this truth, we have the eternal fire of Holy Spirit burning within us, we have the eternal FLAMES OF LOVE permeating us, a flame that can NEVER be put out, a flame that is filled with provision, protection and power.

This is my victory…The enemy can never snuff my torch. I carry the eternal flame within me, yes oppression and affliction may find its way into my life, yes, I may have to endure dark nights, storms filled with discomfort, but I carry a torch with a flame that cannot be snuffed out!

The key in keeping your flames burning high, is through activated FAITH and not losing hope! Choose to exercise your faith… This becomes less difficult If I know, accept and live the TRUTH and remain connected with THE SOURCE, our heavenly Father, the eternal ferocious fire of LOVE. This makes its easier for me to keep my flames of faith burning high even when I find myself in the fiery furnace of affliction.

Life is like a game of survivor where the enemy is out to prove me as the weakest link and often try to snuff my torch with affliction and discomfort but the truth remains… My torch cannot be snuffed… NEVER…and the sweet spot is PAPA’S LOVE IS MY ETERNAL RESTING PLACE…so as long as I choose to REST in Papa’s love, choose to root my FAITH in His unfailing love… I will be able to resist any form of flame within the fiery furnace of affliction, it will not move me…

If you are in a place of discomfort, or fear, depression etc… are you RESTING IN LOVE? Have your focus moved? Maybe you should move back into the umbrella of mercy and grace and REST in Papa’s love, for the truth is revealed.

In life I can never be outplayed, outlasted or outwitted by the enemy for the flames of oppression have been conquered and I am ONE with THE ONE who conquered the flames, and THIS is my victory!

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