I have created you in power, with a DNA to be victorious at birth.

When life strike your heart with many conversations, filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Re-set. Re-Set the tone in your voice – choose life! Choose to speak with the wisdom of Love!

When the atmosphere is polluted in words filled with fear, when all you see is fear filled whirlwinds causing chaos upon chaos, know that the power of transformation is within you. Love has won the keys to unlock a way filled with hope, leading toward triumph, hope that is the fulfilment of joy. Keys unlocking a way filled with eternal life and endless resources, establishing momentum to keep walking in faith.

Love has given you the authority to Re-Set and turnaround!

Love cast out ALL fear. Love is the antidote, the very key in transforming the atmosphere. When a wind of fear filled words overshadow your heart, tempting to paralyse your faith and disrupt your momentum, impregnate your dialogues with seeds of love. Activate change with a new sound, a melody of hope testifying the heritage promised. Though sayings and quotes may alter and change and even pass away, My word remain. My word is full of power and never fail to accomplish its purpose.

My word is filled with promise. As winds and waves may change, releasing a different message to every circumstance, My promises remain, they do not change.

Beloved, as you face many whirlwinds in the atmosphere, as shaking tempt to invade your mind with doubt and infiltrate your heart with fear, tempting to deceive your sight with the perception that you are powerless against the wave. Know that you hold the key to transformation within your heart. For there is a whirlwind rising, the greatest of them all.

More powerful than those currently active.

The whirlwind of Love!

The power of change is within your words!

As you fill the atmosphere with hope filled decrees, proclamations saturated in love. A new wind rise! A different storm is activated, one even greater, filled with power, fearless against discouragement, valiant above measure.

As you choose life over death, as you choose love over fear and roar your words of truth, as you continue to permeate the atmosphere with love, watch as a whirlwind of love rise in the North. Watch and see as transformation rise as you continue to birth whirlwinds of love, as you continue to drench the atmosphere with words of wisdom, encouragement and hope.

Change is coming!

Change filled with My blessings, and My glory. Watch and see as new whirlwinds of love continue to emerge, overpowering all winds of fear. Its time to detox the atmosphere and fill the sky with power.

Continue to activate change as you roar dialogues of hope. My power is continually at work for I give power to the faint and exalt the humble. Those who seek My face, those who abide in Me daily, will find wisdom and roar the whisper of My heart with great boldness.

My promises activate change!

Beloved, be vigilant in your selection of words. Choose life! Choose to be a partaker in creating whirlwinds of love. A source filled with divine power to ignite an atmosphere that seems overpowered and hopeless with glory and excellence, as you continue to permeate your surroundings in the truth of My promises.

As authentic as My love is, so is your faith, purer than gold!

Do not diminish the power in your faith, continue to proclaim My word, for My word is love, My word is life, My word is active, alive and full of power to ignite change.

Deny not your authority to decree truth! You are the change within the decree!

You are the hope within the roar!

Beloved, change is coming. Continue to birth whirlwinds of transformation with words of Love, for you are the whirlwind of love, the change and transformation.

Continue to activate life through love.

You are the transformation, the atmosphere changer. Awake a new conversation as you continue to roar My Word filled with love, casting out all fear!

Change is coming… LOVE has arrived!

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