How much do you value My gift?

Can a price be determined on the whispers you receive, the truth in My word and the pure manna hidden within.

What do you deem valuable and worthy to treasure with ALL your heart? Is your prophecy a warfare tool, melting mountains as wax or is it a pile of dust hidden in a book of once remembered truth? Is My whispers your guide, leading your footsteps toward great revelation? A tool to wake the slumbering bride? Has the gift of My whispers and the excitement to hear My voice lost its value or being taken for granted?

Your own personal perceptions will determine the true value of the gift you hold.

You may never understand the deep intention in preparing the gift. Every gift is given with the intention to reveal your value and your worth to Me. You are invaluable, a price that cannot be tagged in order to determine its value. Your true value is found within Me. You are My crown jewel, My most precious possession, priceless beyond measure. I see the value within your potential. I see the value of My perfection within you.

Your understanding of the purpose of the gift will determine how much you value what is given.

I have placed unlimited potential within your purpose, to reach unreachable possibilities. Nothing is hidden, the gift is unwrapped and ready to be explored and enjoyed. I have imparted into you  the gift of Holy Spirit, empowering you to stand strong in faith.

Being joined as ONE within Me, is your greatest gift! A true heavenly blessing to be treasured and guarded with much diligence.


Take note of the change in seasons, for I am calling your heart back into “Maria” moments.

It’s time to step out from “Martha ”moments back into the “Maria” moments. Positioned at My feet, close with Me, is where My heart yearns for you to be.

There is great value in being with Me. All you need can be found in a moment of silence with Me. “To do’s” are endless, yet I am eternal… continue to discipline yourself, continue to train yourself, for I am eternal and your destination is eternity with Me.

I am calling you into a new pressing season, where I am pressing for the purest quality and highest frequency to emerge, an aroma so pleasing when it fills the room the whole atmosphere changes. I am calling My “Maria’s” to come and sit at My feet and anoint Me with their purity.

Your greatest warfare tool is your intimacy with Me.

Do not be consumed and absorbed with earthly matters, to the point where you feel lost, drowning in “to do’s”. Remain steadfast, remain diligent.  Treasure the greatest gift and guard it with ALL your heart.  The amount you value The Gift of Me will determine the amount of fruitfulness you will enjoy when the harvest come.

What you value as precious, you will nurture, guard and protect.

What is priceless beyond measure? The eternal remain priceless beyond measure.  Priceless beyond measure is the sacred moments I have in you where you deem Me as most valuable and most important. I have given you a priceless gift an alabaster jar, filled with fullness, invaluable in measure. 

Let your fragrance of adoration fill the room and absorb that which does not belong, until all you can see is only…


Priceless beyond measure…

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