Beloved, Come and Rest!

Devote yourself to complete isolation from the negative, the deceit and habits desperately trying to infect your heart.

Beloved, when negativity infect your mind, when you display symptoms of unbelief, anxiousness or doubt, bring your heart into complete isolation. Choose to isolate yourself from the negative, move away from gloom ridden speech and negative thinking, a deadly disease that can easily destroy the passion, the flame, the perception of the desires of My heart. A virus that brings death to the plans and dreams, the hope filled future I carved out for your life!

An infectious heart easily declares the problem, is unable to believe My promises and is trapped in murmuring and complaining, infecting the positive atmosphere with a pessimistic proclamation of self-proclaimed prophecies filled with dark speech, planting seeds of calamity and despair.

Beloved, Come and Rest!

Isolate yourself within My heart, set your mind apart from the distractions in your current surroundings, causing distortion in your vision, infiltrating your hope with destructive cells, breaking down strength to stand and resist.

Choose life, choose to deliberately move away from the negative. Isolate yourself in My presence daily. Abide in Me, abide in My love the antidote to fear.

A moment in My presence holds enough power to sanitise and restore a contaminated heart. A moment in My presence brings clarity to your vision, soon you will be able to see the end as the beginning, My perfect plan filled with goodness.

Remain in Me, abide in Hope, abide in Love, abide in Me your hope, the very source of unconditional love, the power that destroyed darkness forever, giving eternal life to all who believe.

Beloved, choose to deliberately bring your thoughts into isolation, for life and death is in the power of the tongue. Guarding your mouth will preserve your life. As you separate yourself from the negative, meditate on My word, the truth that purifies your speech. As you remain isolated in My presence, yielding your heart and surrendering your thoughts, hear the whisper of My heart guiding your footsteps into light. As the whispers in My words lead you into all truth, let your thoughts be purified.

Soon all will become clear again, the excellence of My vision, things worthy to be praised.

Let your thoughts be filled with praise. Season your speech with the lovely. Prepare your heart to roar again and destroy all deception. Wage war against the corrupted speech against My nature, the true character of who I am.

Beloved, Come and Rest!

Beloved, as I am, so are you in Me. As you continue to be isolated in My presence, deceptive thoughts dissipate, unbelief waste away, leaving your heart permeated with peace. As you continue to set yourself apart and deliberately position your heart in My love, let your heart be sanctified in My presence as you intentionally dedicate your soul, mind, heart and body to Me for you are holy as I am holy, filled with courage and boldness through Holy Spirit.

You are My isolated one – set apart. My perfect design, the epistle of hope, the mirror of My image.

As I am, so are you in this world, the salt, the very flavour of My nature. Remain in My presence and be baptised in My love as I transform your footsteps to move from glory to glory.

Together we shall accomplish My will! As you isolate yourself in My love, embrace the transformation as you become a partaker of My promises. Be renewed in joy as I continue to restore your faith. Step away and step into purity, wholesome speech, as you meditate on My word, meditate on the truth and continue to abide in Me.

Beloved, Come and Rest!

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