Our lives are filled with daily interruptions, we cannot avoid them. We can plan our day but one have to admit, there is little control over daily interruptions. Moving from interruption to interference is a process we see throughout the bible. The bible encourages us to seek God’s face above all else, this can trigger some reactions that might lead to interruptions…

A) God shows up and interrupt our lives with His presence

B) The enemy feels threatened and react through interruptions 

As we seek God’s face, He interrupt our seeking with His presence and fill our hearts with moments of revelation, bringing perspective and understanding in our circumstances. He fill our thoughts with truth and point us to His word.

In His presence He gives us strategies for a battle plan against the enemy. He transform our atmosphere with His presence, glory and power. Intimacy is increased as we draw close to Him, abiding in Him. It is in this place of being that God fill us with knowledge to cause interruption in the enemy’s camp.

The enemy is threatened by our intimacy with God, and often reacts through unexpected negative interruptions. However, how you choose to respond to those interruptions, will determine the outcome of the intervention. Do your respond with Faith, or with Fear?

Let’s look at the process:

When God interrupt – Intervention takes place

When the enemy interrupt – We choose how we respond. When responding with faith we cause interference in the enemy’s camp, triggering a turnaround breakthrough  moments, that place us in a position of intervention where God show’s up as our breaker, with the outcome leading to the birthing of a miracle.

The turnaround /breaking point will is activated when WE get involved in the battle plan as revealed to us by Holy Spirit.

The question I asked Holy Spirit is “How do we activate interruptions that will eventually turn into interventions, birthing miracles?” “What battle plans are available?” He revealed many strategies, but I felt these stood out:

  • Remain in God’s presence
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Run toward the battle ground with your faith, authority and word of promise
  • Thanksgiving and Praise
  • Proclaiming Prophecies and God’s word
  • Testimonies/Telling your story
  • Blessing one another

Let’s look at some examples in the bible:

Although there are many stories in the bible, Holy Spirit highlighted the following three:



Esther’s day was interrupted with an unexpected suddenly when she was chosen to be queen, and again her day was interrupted with noise from the enemy, declaring all the Jews will be destroyed.

What was Esther’s Response?

She stood in her authority and through fasting and prayer, caused interruption in the enemy’s camp, activating a turnaround point that released a breakthrough miracle


All the Jews were saved.



David’s day was interrupted when his father’s requested that he take food to his brothers.

He took note of how the enemy roared threats and tormented God’s children continually for 40days sowing seeds of fear in their hearts.

What was David’s Response?

David took a stand in faith and interrupted the enemy’s camp. He ran towards the battleground. He stood on His word of promise, his prophecy that one day He will be King. He stood firm in faith, knowing that God will be just as faithful to Him on this battleground, as He was when he defended his sheep against bears and wolves.

The outcome:

God intervened with a miracle when David took out the enemy’s head with ONE stone!

How do we run to the battleground?  We run with:

  • Praise and Thanksgiving
  • Declarations & Proclamations
  • Worship
  • Prophetic words
  • Resting in peace 

Your thanksgiving and praise, your prayers and prophetic declarations, voicing the word of God into the atmosphere release angelic help and activate power to interrupt the plans of the enemy. Declaring God’s goodness in all circumstances activate breakthrough interruptions.

Thanksgiving release the breaker anointing and draws God’s goodness to intervene in your life.



Jesus interrupts the woman’s day with a suddenly when He asks her for a drink .

What was the woman’s Response?

She interrupts the whole village with her testimony of how she met Jesus, how He touched and changed her life when she had a face to face encounter with the Messiah.


Holy Spirit transformed the interruption with an intervention when salvation broke out, many believed because of the woman’s testimony. She interrupted the enemy’s camp, his plans and schemes through her testimony 

Our testimony is a weapon of warfare, there are people waiting at a “well” sitting in disbelief, who’s day is ready to be interrupted by your story!

One of the greatest interruptions of humanity was when Jesus died on the cross so we could have eternity.

Remain vigilant and open to daily interruptions. God shows up in the form of interruptions, this gives Him an opportunity to intervene on our behalf.  Holy Spirit love showing up in the form of interruptions, He often shows up in a suddenly, when we least expect it.

Interruptions are often sudden, unexpected and inconvenient, it lead to change and transformation, it is meant to glorify and exalt God.

Interruptions change the story of our lives. God choose to interrupt the days of those who SEEK His face AND those who don’t! Our response to interruptions should be to stand in faith, thank God and rest in His ability to intervene on our behalf. We have been equipped with tools to resist the enemy’s interference and so create a platform where God can intervene with a breaker anointing that activates interventions, shifting us directly into the miracle zone! 

Check out Papa’s prophetic word “From Interruption to Intervention” in the section -Planting Seed – Prophetic Words




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