I am the resurrection, the true source of restoration.  I am breaking isolation with new life.

Enter into the door of trust and take note of the rising. Though the horizon might seem uncertain, I am raising glorious joy and fresh strength within your dry bones, to run and not become weary, to stand and remain steadfast in the chasing…

Within the door of trust there is no separation from My love, no isolation from My truth. Complete fullness is within My word, for My promises contain abundance of provision.

I am restoring the walls of isolation, I am restoring the value of your supply. There is no end in My riches and glory, My hand of provision knows no end.

Trust Me to multiply your empty buckets and overflow them with the faithfulness of My abundant supply. Once more will I turn water into wine, once more will I turn your wailing into dancing, once more will I turn ashes into beauty.

My heart is for restoration, embrace the door of trust as you enter with faith. Allow Me to resurrect new hope within your fear and transform your doubt into diamonds that cannot perish.

Beloved, embrace the light of My guidance as I shine My glory on a new day, as I bring enlightenment to your understanding, guiding you into all truth. Lean into My faithfulness for My power is not hesitant to display My mercy. I am breaking forth the resurrection of new life.

What seems empty is overflowing with abundance

What seem weak is excelling in great strength

What seems hopeless is the key that will bring brand new transformation

Trust in My ability to move in mysterious ways, take note of My whisper as I call you toward the door of trust. Turn the key with relentless faith and embrace the awakening of the new as I once again resurrect dry bones through your endless decree for newness.

I am breaking isolation, making a way for all to see and encounter, all to embrace My glory, My love and My presence. No longer will the world be a separator, no longer will there be walls and distance between My presence and My face seekers, for I am resurrecting the birthing of newness in intimacy, crushing the curse of separation.

There is a new way, an open door. A way that seems impossible for man, but is possible for Me. For there is no limit to My ability, and nothing can hinder the plans of victory I have set apart for you.

Though you may seem last, you are first

Though you may seem overpowered and defeated, you are being catapulted into the greatest victory you have ever tasted

Beloved, embrace the season of restoration as I restore your sight to see My glory once more, to be a witness to My greatness as I choose to exalt you with new life!

Do not fear the door of trust, those who enter with boldness will be astonished.

My love is resurrecting fresh favour for your advancement, goodness is My purpose and My will is to see you flourish in all things – always.

Continue to confess My goodness, remain steadfast in hope. Embrace newness as you lean into My faithfulness and enter the door of trust.

“With God we shall do valiantly, it’s He who will tread our foes”           

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