My love is impartial and associate with ALL. My love is available to all and covers all. My love separates darkness from light and overshadow errors overflowing with judgment, so that My mercy always triumph.

Do not doubt the power available within My love…

My love is the perfected covenant that choose to associate with ALL, My love is filled with goodness that leads to repentance, a changed perspective, a new way – MY way. Transformation powerful enough to activate turnaround revival.

What power is there in injustice?

Does judgement overpower My mercy?

Does unlawfulness and sin nullify the power in MY Love.

Does the ignorance of man, selfish desires to gain more for self, overrule the covenant of My grace?

Beloved, do not fear the days of injustice, when unrighteousness make its appearance in your life. My love will always lead your heart into triumph, my love is full of righteousness and above all lawlessness.

My love is the association of all fulness and contains no lack, it purifies distorted perceptions and perfects My perspective. I keep your heart in perfect peace therefore continue to associate your trust with My faithfulness and embrace My strength rising up within you, overshadowing all fear, for I have imparted within you ALL My authority to trample over the plans, schemes and motives of your enemy, his rulership and principalities, My strength within you empowers you to overcome.

My grace continually associate itself with your faith and continues to partner together in triumph, leading your heart into deeper perspective to gain knowledge of the power in My presence as you are continually drawn into deeper wisdom of My ways.


I condemn not, instead My mercy is associated with judgment, the enabler that allows you complete freedom and complete victory. Yearn to love all with deep passion, look with the eyes of Love, seeking the best and call it into the Kingdom of Light, call heavens perspective to manifest truth, love and liberty.

In loving as I have loved first, you fulfil all the requirements for heavenly living.

Fear no injustice, nor wrong doing. My deep love and compassion always manifest deliverance and  always lead to My promises that cannot fail. Continue to hold My promises as a bow in your hand, aiming it into the direction of breakthrough, let faith be your arrow as you continually stand firm in My word, your truth. Let truth guide your sight, thoughts and speech always, leading your life into deeper momentum.

As your pull back from the lies that desperately want to associate themselves with your thoughts, your heart and your momentum, breath IN as you pull back and enter My perfected REST where I hold you firm and direct your footsteps. Continue to connect as you pull back from deceit, embrace My presence and moments filled with revelation where My love bring your thoughts into agreement with My faithfulness, aligning unbelief with My nature exposing goodness as you release your arrow of faith into breakthrough ground.

Beloved, we are joined together in perfect unity, continue to associate your heart with My love, for I AM is the source of love enabling you to live in peace and harmony with all. IN Me you are complete, and cannot be devalued. 

Your association with MY love guarantees you direct access to My heart and My thoughts, direct access in the realm of Holy Spirit enabling you to boldly come to Me – your Father, therefore embrace My throne of grace.

Access to My heart, access to My love is guaranteed.

I am your dwelling place, My power is alive within you. You are associated with the perfect cornerstone , the Anointed One, Jesus Christ. Condemn not then Beloved, choose to live restored in perfect unity for your life is predestined for good works.

Continue to partner with My love!

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