Many waves came and seemed to have conquered leaving My precious ones feeling isolated, worn out and distressed. The world is constantly progressing and advancing, its foundation continually moving making it difficult to remain secure. In this world you will endure many waves, waves of sickness, politics and even technology intimidating your peace. Many more waves will rise. Hearts not rooted deeply within My unshakable truth may be tempted to feel insecure and in a state of panic.

It’s time to reposition your heart and take note of a different wave. Shift your focus towards heaven and take note of the unseen, for I am coming with a wave filled with hope and restoration. Embrace My LOVE WAVE saturating your heart, visible to those who choose to remain in Me with eyes firmly fixed on Me. Take note of My love wave that seeks the best for My precious ones. My perfect love drives out fear and covers a multitude of sin. The power within My love is more than enough to strengthen your heart and renew your focus.

It’s time to re-set your perspective

When looking with heavens perspective you will take note of My wave that has always been there. My love and faithfulness keeps you safe and protected. My love wave keeps moving yet is immovable. My love does not respond to the intimidation of waves filled with darkness for I hold all things together. Take My hand, lean into My love wave with trust, for My love is active and moving.

You are My chosen, called to run above the waves of life, called to run upon My love wave transforming the world with truth that brings freedom, hope and restoration, therefore  be quick to respond to My love, be captured by My light and My truth. My truth is the key that leads to a life filled with abundance. My love wave is filled with My Spirit of truth and revelation, guiding you in the way of life.


Continue to react towards the unseen, embrace My love wave and  be carried away by My eternal goodness. Embrace the resources I have set before you. My ministering angels excel in strength and do My commands, hearkening to the voice of My spoken word.  Continue to give voice to My word. My word will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. Do not be alarmed when facing waves of all kinds, instead set your heart upon My love, your eternal gift. Remain vigilant and do not neglect to actively participate in exercising every gift made available to you, for I have equipped you with My Light and My love your eternal riches.

I have activated My greatness within the very first love wave created when My son rescued the world form every other wave tempting to rise before My chosen ones. My fullness and greatness was activated within you when you chose Me, when you chose to be a runner upon my eternal love wave. I have chosen you from the beginning to be the mirror of My love, the reflection of My miracle working power, to reflect My nature to shine My light in darkness, My perfect vessel filled with My fullness, ready to transform the atmosphere.

My love holds all things together

Take comfort in My love, for within the chaos My love remains secure. Take My hand and be carried away by My love wave. Embrace your position of a love wave runner. I have chosen you to run above the waves of  life, I have chosen you to echo My heart, to mirror My truth and to be the reflection of My very nature. I have equipped you with all you need to stand against the storm, to persevere and stand firm.

Cling to the faith of the faithful one. Cling to Me for My love continually activates your faith enabling you to believe Me for the impossible. Anticipate My love wave to romance you, be expectant of My goodness to wash over you daily. I have reconnected you to My love, there is no more separation between us. My grace is sufficient and enable you to conquer the impossible. My empowering presence never leave you without support, instead I equip you with power, activating momentum to keep overcoming what seems impossible.

My love wave is ready to steer your heart away from doubt filled with uncertainty. As you continue to respond to My word the only truth that promise to birth immovable faith, explosions of love waves will follow. Exposure to My love will lead to greater love wave eruptions, creating love waves filled with My manifested presence leaving a display of My faithfulness and goodness.

Have confidence in My ability to rescue you, decree the truth in My word and continue to give thanks. My love wave does not disappoint instead is the fulfilment of My nature. Continue to surrender to My love, for I have overcome the world, defeating darkness through a perfect display of My kindness. Again I say, be not alarmed when waves of calamity enter your days. The invitation to jump waves remains. Embrace My love wave available to all, be sustained by the immovable ONE, your fortress and deliverer.

Embrace the greatest wave… My Love wave your perfect way of escape.

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