Continue to run the race without fear, continue to set your face seeking My counsel and My direction. I remain sovereign in ALL My ways, My words and My promises remain. Run the race with much courage knowing that My hand of might protect you always. As I protected Moses in the cleft of the rock, so I protect you from the darkness in this world.

I hold all things together!

Continue to declutter your secret garden, removing little foxes desperately trying to destroy your place of connection. Your secret place is filled with great opportunities to discover more of  My heart, to discover deep hidden revelation, discover hidden whispers I hold within My heart.

Little foxes are distractions cluttering your view and disconnect your heart from seeing My perspective. Remain vigilant, guard your garden – our secret place of gathering, with all your heart. Nurture our our secret place of meeting with great value, for this is the place I desire to manifest fresh revelation and impartation.

The time is now to activate the deep spiritual maturity I imparted within you. As you move in your authority, focusing on the unseen – My true reality, you shall be a partaker of my hand of greatness as I pour out My extravagant power in great magnitude with every step you take.

Be ready to embrace the power in My hand!

Remain diligent in remaining in the secret place where I awaken your heart to My secret whispers. Continue to declutter our sacred space from any distractions tempting to draw you away from an encounter with Me, for in this place of revelation you become the very fragrance of worship where My spirit lead your heart into transformation as you continue to abide and seek to discover more of My nature. 

Beloved, embrace the greater roar of love for the shaking has awakened a new season where you are called to be the roar as I roar My love within your heart, for you have been called, chosen and prepared for a time such as this, to awaken the slumbering and those without momentum, with My love.

The greater roar of love is the key to a greater awakening. The season has come to put into motion what I have imparted within you. My faith within you enable you to conquer beyond your imagination. Let love continually motivate you to serve as I serve you.

I hold all things together!

Continue to put your faith into action, for faith activates your authority and enable you to move with great boldness. Even though the enemy may continually try to knock you out, know that I transform every plan meant to harm you into a miracle testimony filled with My goodness.

Instead of plans of calamity meant to knock you down, you are being knocked into a greater awakening, greater authority, astonishment and greater abundance.

My plans to prosper you remains!

Continue to exercise, with much diligence, all I have trained you in. I train your hands for battle and I train your heart to remain in a position of rest within My faithfulness. Continue to sit at My feet, abiding in Me daily, for here I pour out fresh oil and nurture your heart, nourish your spirit and overflow you with My perspective, wisdom and revelation.

The secret in keeping momentum to run the race and to remain victorious to overcome all and conquer all, is to pause with Me, to sit with Me and to be still with Me. I hold all things together! My righteous hand never fail.

I remain sovereign.








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