The power of change is within ME…Why?

Because I am a Game Changer…

 What is a Game Changer?

Google: A person or idea that transforms the accepted rules, processes and strategies. A person or thing that significantly affects the outcome of something.


Jesus was the greatest Game Changer in humanity.

Being a NEW MAN in Christ is the ultimate Game Changer in humanity. We carry the seal of confidence, purity, value and excellence proclaiming worth and significance.

So in calling someone a “Game Changer” is in fact calling them up into their identity of being outstanding and above the norm.

In being a Game Changer I add tremendous value to my community. I make choices based on my IDENTITY in Christ and not my circumstances and I am continually on a journey of discovering who I am, and who I can be in any given moment.

Many times, we as believers engage with God based on our circumstances and not our character and personality, engaging in being transformed within the circumstances… we tend to want God to change what we are going through now, rather than me using the circumstances to change.

In being a Game Changer… I know that every circumstance I face guarantees an upgrade in my identity and how I embrace life. God is all about transformation and upgrades, so in order for me to grasp that God continually wants to change me and upgrade my understanding of who I am, I will continue to write the test.

Being a Game Changers I activate transformation through influence, believing who I can BE in the situations surrounding me, placing me in a position to be ABOVE my situations, not beneath it. We constantly reflect on “Who is God for me in this moment” and “Who am I becoming in this situation”. I am able to separate my Identity from my circumstances and LOOK from God’s perspective, tapping into His mindset and His thoughts.

Game changers influence by speech, attitude and behaviour. If you look at Kaleb, he had a majesty mindset. When all the other spies saw giants and felt like grasshoppers, he saw victory and he spoke life. He understood the difference between his state and his standing. Talking from a position of STATE is talking from the “old man”, you constantly talk about the circumstances and what is going wrong, like the other spies. Game Changers talking from a position of STANDING I talk about who God is, what God is doing, what He is changing within me, what I am learning how they I am growing and expanding within my circumstances, the promises I am about to step into and so on.

As Game Changer I have the ability to enjoy the circumstance I find myself in, rather than wishing it over because I understand that I live in CHRIST not in my circumstances and if I am IN Christ so is all my circumstances and that is a BONUS! We are a people of presence and we know how to draw our strength from RESTING IN God as we continually seek Him and being fascinated by what we discover and in the journey of discovering His promises for our lives, we know how to use that as a weapon against the enemy.

As a Game Changer I know that every problem has an outcome, a promise and a blessing attached to it… therefore my starting point is always a place of victory, opportunity, upgrade and increase.

We don’t miss upgrades in being stuck in victim mentality, offence or murmuring and complaining, we understand every problem elevates, therefore we choose to move in the opposite spirit changing the environment.

If you look at your current circumstances…

What is a Game Changing moment for you? What will be an upgrade for you in how you see your current situation? What is God currently teaching you and what are you growing into?

Today I want to tell you… YOU ARE A GAME CHANGER.

You are constantly growing, upgrading and expanding with the main purpose, for you and God to be inseparable. You are a man and woman of influence destined for greatness by the way you use your speech, attitude and behaviour.

Wherever you set foot… you take ground!


In addition I was inspired to write a powerful decree proclaiming who I am as a Game Changer. You will find it in the section Planting Seeds>Proclamations


The learnings shared derived from insight received from Graham Cooke teaching “Game Changers”. Check out the video on YouTube, its worth watching.

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