I am a Game Changer! 

I am a new man in Christ, a chosen son and anointed king, seated in heavenly places, therefore all that is IN Christ is also in me, I am grafted in Yahweh, one in spirit therefore He naturally becomes my resource enabling me to do ALL things… failure does not exist in Christ, therefore it does not exist in me.

I am destined for the impossible!

My life is filled with confidence, purity and excellence, I am sealed in high value, I am Christ most precious possession redeemed by His priceless blood. My thinking is above the norm for I am born from the seed of the EXTRAORDINARY. My DNA is filled with the supernatural, and therefore my thinking is filled with heavenly perspective. My thoughts meditate on what is unseen, eternal and everlasting, my footsteps is cemented in faith.

My breath is filled with a spirit of power and love that enables me to create, shift and transform the atmosphere I find myself in.

I am a Game Changer!

I manifesting marvelous light in darkness that supersedes all powers rising against me. I am God’s flaming arrow ready to be shot into difficult situations destroying all obstacles through the striking of my faith.

My Identity and destiny is sealed in a stamp called VICTORY which is the starting point to any circumstance I face. Victory is attached to every problem I will ever face, my passion to succeed moves me into greater opportunities leading me into an upgraded lifestyle, for my DNA is filled with a relentless drive to seek the MORE and a fearless fire to burn as the OVERCOMER that I am.

I am blessed with every spiritual blessing, my life and my circumstances is filled with the richness and Glory found In Christ, all my needs are met, I overflow with abundance and goodness and lack nothing.

Love is my weapon to be more than an overcomer

In Christ I stand in AGAPE an unconditional love that is my defense, unconditional love that leads my heart into triumph, it cannot crumble, nor fail, it’s neither weak nor perishable. I am positioned in unconditional Love, a love that transforms me into a flaming arrow, piercing through the thickest wall of darkness, destroying every deceitful lie and untruthful thought, destroying every plan and scheme the enemy rise up against my life.

I am hidden in perfect Love that moves me into the MORE, a Love that is able to manifest the perfect plan and eternal design of my destiny.

Love is my currency to success, for I rest in the promise that all things will work in my favour, my future is pre destined for success, I rest in the promise of His unconditional love that cannot fail me, instead positions me for great success. I am able to rejoice in all circumstances and let JOY rule over every obstacle I face.

I am a Game Changer!

I position myself in JOY, using thanksgiving and praise as a weapon to ambush my enemy and as faith rises within me, I continually increase, I am giant-like bigger than what I face, I am full of strength and able to stand stronger, taller and bolder.

I live, move and have my being in Christ, His ways and thinking is higher than mine. I have a majesty mindset, filled with godly wisdom and knowledge. My sound mind, the Mind of Christ, enable me to tap into Jesus eternal thinking. In seeking kingdom perspective… secret hidden things, the unthinkable is made known to me. Unknown mysteries is my portion enabling me to move from a heavenly perspective seeing the unseen. I have free access to throne of grace that empowers me, fueling me with unlimited power and resources which enables me to reach the unimaginable.

I am a Game Changer!

I seek first My Father’s face, the kingdom of righteousness day and night, I seek to dwell in His presence, angels move in my favor and harken on to the word I declare, sourcing my blessings enabling resources to be within my reach. I have access to revelation into strategies I need to succeed, angels war on my behalf positioning me to prosper and reap a harvest filled with abundance and prosperity.

I live in the fullness of more than enough and lack nothing 

My portion is one that overflows with peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, grace power and strength to do the impossible through Christ who has made His home in me. I am a magnet for blessings and favor, I am a magnet for promises, provision and resources, all that is available in heaven is attracted to me, because of Jesus Christ IN me.

I have all the authority to paralyze arrows of failure against my life and my circumstances, I am more than an overcomer of the battles and strategies of the enemy, I am above his schemes, principalities and plans. I am saturated in a spirit of excellence, I have power in my voice, filled with the breath of God that enables me to declare mountains to become plain and see ungodly delays and obstacles crumble before my face.

My proclamation is filled with the power of God’s breath positioning me for greater upgrade and as I voice my decree I am elevated into greatness…

I am a Game Changer!

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