Keep your heart protected from interference caused by this world, remain vigilant always. Guard your heart with your faith. Continuous interference seek to break the flow of My shekinah glory. Remain grafted in with My word, keep an active flow of daily communion through prayer, actively listening to My voice.

My voice will show up in shekinah glory and interrupt your doubt, for I move you from glory to glory, and I move from interruption to intervention! 

Keep chasing My heart, keep seeking My voice diligently, remain steadfast in your faith, wait patiently as I show up as your Breaker when My presence intervene in your present, for when My presence intervene ALL things are TURNED AROUND as I activate My goodness with a smile. 

Beloved, continue to yield your heart with an expectancy that I am ABLE to interfere with an intervention. Remember the days of old when I interrupted Faro’s heart with an interference – the 10 plagues. My people’s faith was activated as I interfered their chasing towards a dead end with an intervention when I showed up as their Breaker, parting the sea for them to pass through on DRY ground!

Beloved, do you remember how I caused interference in the many complaints of My people in the desert, when My faithfulness interrupted their unbelief as I chose to break the pattern of murmuring and complaining when I intervened with fresh manna and refreshing water. As they chose to blindlfully follow Me, I intervened with power so that the soles of their shoes never wear out.

My presence is continually involved in your life, constantly causing interference in your sight, hearing and thoughts, breaking out truth as I interrupt your day with My word, as I interrupt your unbelief with My miracles, with My glory.

Remain…Remain vigilant against interruptions of this world that desire to delay My voice. Keep yielding your heart, keep seeking My face, for I desire to BREAK OUT with an intervention as I choose to interrupt your present with My presence. Allow My breath to cause interference in your anxious heart as I intervene in your dry desert journey and breathe dry bones back to life, bursting new fountains, raising up fresh rivers overflowing with NEWENESS! 

Beloved, I invite you to deliberately choose to BREAK!

Break the pattern of normality, break the routine of old sayings with a HALT when you choose to interrupt the plans and schemes of the enemy when you intervene with prayers, declarations and actively break curses designed to interrupt MY breakthrough anointing. Actively choose to interrupt your day with steps of boldness as you choose to intervene by walking in faith no matter what you see, for My glory never fail those with ACTIVATED faith! 

My love continues to make intercession on our behalf! My love is the intervention between every principality, every mountain and has more than enough power to break ALL delay. My love carries the glory that interrupt your present with My presence. 

My interventions are filled with power and glory to activate your day with interruptions that will break into a turnaround point, causing disturbance in delay and manifest a harvest of magnitude! Remember how I intentionally caused interference with death, as I interrupted the mourning, and turned wailing into joyful dancing with an intervention of life when I commanded Lazarus to rise!

Beloved, My interventions always lead to miracles. Let Me interrupt your faith with My faithfulness! 

I move as your Breaker before you, rest your faith in Me and allow Me to intentionally break out with interventions that will transform the seemingly impossible into the NEW Normal of “with God ALL things are possible!”

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