I was crying out to God as I felt stuck in a place where it felt as if I was unable to hear His voice or see His face, I felt as if God was distant. As I meditated, I thought of how many others might feel this way too,  then suddenly I heard Papa whispering a word into my heart.

Through the word He reminded me of how many times we get stuck in what we SEE, how many times we are unable to SHIFT our vision into what we DON’T see… but through faith know IS possible.

He reminded me of the time when Joseph was stuck in a pit, he could not see himself ruling over a nation then, yet he carried a robe of promise.

I was reminded that when Hagar was stuck in the desert, she could not see beyond her need for water, even though she carried a son who, carried a promise that one day he will birth a great nation.

I was reminded of the time when the disciples came back with empty boats, fishing  the whole night. They could not see the multiple fish on the other side of the boat…until Jesus said “cast your nets on the other side” and they obeyd.

Growing Deeper:

Holy Spirit revealed to me three keys that activate our transition in sight….

  • Obedience: Unlock your ability to see
  • Promise: Renew your sight
  • Trust: Remove the scales from your vision

In order for us to move BEYOND our normal ability of seeing, to be able to SHIFT into a transition of supernatural sight, we have to look form a position of Obedience, Promise and Trust 

Although there are probably many other keys, I believe these three are very important in activating deeper spiritual sight.


Looking from this point, one believe first then obey, and see. In faith the disciples chose to believe Jesus, even when they could not see the fish. They chose to place their trust in Him and to DO what He commanded…

Their choice in being obedient and DO what Jesus told them, lead them into seeing the impossible.

“Look from a position of obedience,  it will change your perspective”


When looking from this point, one choose to believe the promise spoken, no matter what you see you believe that if God said so… it will be so and that settles it! Like Joseph each of us carry a robe of promise. There is a promise of victory God declares over each of us, each of us carry a robe of kingship and promise.

We are sons of the Most High God, and He promised us a future filled with hope, He promised that He will never leave nor forsake us, He promised to be faithful and to surround us in His love, presence and glory, to fill our lives with favor, mercy, grace and so much more.

“Look from a position of promise, it will change your perspective”


Looking from this point, one choose to surrender your way into God’s way and simply trust that He will move mountains of obstacles in your favour! You choose to place your trust in His nature and the display of His character throughout the generations.

When Daniel was stuck in the Lions den, He chose to trust that God will be faithful and indeed God was faithful and showed up in a powerful way.

“Look from a position of trust,it will change you perspective” 


Even though I do not  always see what My heart cries out for… I still choose to obey and trust, I choose to believe your promises for my life. I surrender and I choose to walk with You, no matter what I see with my natural eyes. I choose to see in the spirit and hold on to Your many promises, I embrace the journey with You, UNTIL I see Your mighty hand move.

Holy Spirit, please show me any areas in my life where my sight got stuck! Show me where My focus was set on doubt or lack, disabling my vision to see Your provision, Your well of abundance.

Transform my perception and open my eyes toward the greatness God has set before me. Instead of obstacles, enable me to see all the opportunities! Instead of barrenness, enable me to see the birthing of great promises!


You are welcome to read what Papa shared about Transition of Sight in Planting Seeds – Prophetic words.

I hope this encourage your faith to keep seeing in the spirit as you journey.


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