Pay no attention to the things of this world.

Your eyes have grabbed hold of the world and all it has to offer. Be not deceived by it, be not romanced through it, neither let you heart be hardened by it. Take no pleasure in its fragrance, take no offence when your heart is overshadowed by its aroma. Turn your eyes toward the ONE who created the earth, the stars, the moon.

Turn your eyes toward the son, the manifested Anointing.

My presence deserves your attention far more than anything the world offers. My presence deserves your delight far more than any other experience you encounter in this world. My presence carries power, a fragrance moving with might and strength.

The power of My fragrance will be noticed by those whose eyes are set on Me, who delight their focus in the unseen yet known. The power of my fragrance is encountered by those who set their affection on My aroma and take delight in My presence for My presence carry a power filled fragrance that can only be noted by those who are yielded and surrendered, whose hearts are yearning only to encounter My fragrance.

Beloved, I have a fragrance to offer, ready to romance your heart, a fragrance filled with glory, might and power, set apart for your heart, to move you in ways expected, yearned for and believed… yet not encountered.

The world and all its doings have clouded your heart, poisoned your mind and polluted your perception. The corruption and offence trapped your eyes so all you see is the negative, the pain, betrayal, brokenness and hardship.

The power in My fragrance moves far beyond this, My fragrance offers your heart a journey far beyond your imagination, far beyond what you can dream, think or even ask. My fragrance requires your FULL attention, for its within the adoration of My sweet aroma that the power of My presence is exposed. Give your full attention to yielding to My presence. Set your affection, your focus on the manifestation of My fragrance rather than the display of the corrupted world.

Continue to yield your heart towards My fragrance, continue to engage with My aroma until you become ONE with My fragrance, then your life will display the burning incense of My power as you become the living fragrance of My power, embracing signs, wonders and miracles in many ways.

Yield your eyes toward My presence, take note of My aroma. Resist distractions filled with odor, distractions tempting to poison your heart. The odor of this world carries no power yet is filled with deceit carrying a smell filled with temptation leading to disappointment.

Turn your eyes toward the power within My fragrance set our attention on My presence only. My presence does not disappoint, instead empowers you to move in the miraculous. The key to manifested power is to search for My fragrance in every atmosphere you engage with. If not found – release My fragrance through manifesting LOVE in faith, for faith pleases me and love conquers all.

The power of My fragrance is activated within the pure expression of love through faith and yielded hearts. Surrender your heart, not toward the pain and brokenness caused by this world, surrender not your thoughts toward the journey leading your heart toward the negative. Ponder not on the thins of the past, instead embrace our sure journey of ONENESS.

The world may look upon you with eyes filled with jealousy and judgment, accusation and rejection. Pay no attention to the odor it releases, for this is poison to your heart, instead yield your heart toward My aroma filled with truth, a fragrance that holds power that can transform a nation.

I have given you the power of My fragrance as a gift, a love offering to be embraced, to encounter My presence. The activation of this gift requires a yielded heart, eyes set upon My presence alone. Therefore, be diligent on what you give your eyes attention to, for your eyes is like a magnet to your heart. Train your eyes to lead your heat toward heaven and the richness it has to offer.  Activate My fragrance through LOVE!

Beloved, there is a fragrance, a sweet aroma that anticipates your embrace. Full participation requires your full attention. Set your affection towards the power within the fragrance of My presence. Allow My presence to lead your heart. I delight Myself in displaying My glory for your enjoyment. The embracing lies in the YIELDING!

Take note of My fragrance ONLY

Turn your eyes toward Me! Give Me, give My presence your FULL attention and embrace the power of My fragrance.

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