I am equipped to lead an extraordinary life, I am positioned in the very heart of God. My faith is rooted in the TRUTH revealed in the word of God, as I continue to hear the word of God, greater faith is birthed inside of me, positioning me for a greater explosion of breakthroughs! As I speak, as I pray and proclaim His word, power is released into my circumstances and my life.

My actions shall be a symbol of my faith, in faith I raise up a banner of praise, and continue to declare God’s goodness throughout the earth. In faith I wait, for my hope is in Yahweh, the Lord of breakthroughs, my shield, my rock and my strength.  I continue to persevere through fire, I run and don’t grow weary, I walk and I don’t faint. In the waiting I shall rise up as an eagle and soar above the waves with renewed strength!

I speak the unseen into existence!  I believe in faith that what I have spoken to life shall, reap a multitude of harvest. Through the power of God in my breath I am able to command mountains to move, command dry bones to come to life, and command dried up rivers to flow again! Nothing is impossible for me because of my immovable faith rooted in the Love of my unshakable God’s.  I am blessed and because of my relentless faith all blessings are made available to me through the riches of Christ’s glory.   My life is complete in Jesus Christ, there is no lack, only overflowing fullness! My life is flooded with faith, love, light, hope and greatness by His existence and His power in me. I am able to walk in great power and excel in greatness because of I AM in me.

My DNA is set for greatness, I am born to triumph, my life speaks of victory. I am complete in Christ’s love, His love perfected me, no matter what circumstances I face, my eyes are FIXED on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.  I have the DNA of a winner and through the power of God almighty at work in me I am able to prosper exceedingly, abundantly and beyond what I can dream or imagine or think! I am destined for greatness!

My words are like seed, when I speak I sow seed in faith, seed that has the authority and power to bring forth a magnitude of harvest, as I call forth the things that are not, as if they are, it bring to life that which is dead. What I speak into existence SHALL manifest because of Gods empowering grace that is available to me. God respond to my faith and not my need. Every seed I sow is done out of faith and not desperation …. it makes possible that which seemed impossible. 

The seed that I release WILL fall on fertile soil and prosper, it WILL grow, accelerate and multiply through the power of grace. Because of faith I have access to all the grace I need to excel.

My mustarded seed like faith is the pipeline towards greater grace leading me to water that never runs dry… life giving water, a healing pool, streams of abundance! As I walk in faith I have the freedom to voice my heart’s desire, there is no limit to the manifestation of the miracles of God. I am a doer of the Lord, all my actions are blessed.

Even though my faith may be tested by fire, I choose to position myself in JOY and rejoice in my circumstances. The fullness of Christ rests in my circumstances, the unfailing God lives in me and dwells in my circumstances…therefore I cannot fail!

The Lord of Breakthroughs has a plan, and the plan is for my good and to prosper me, He prepared a table for my victory feast, He is about to manifest in a way that even if I was told “this is what God is about to do” I would not believe it!

I have the ability to believe without seeing, I am able to look ahead into the future, I am able to see what God has made available for me, I am able to see my inheritance and call it to life! Regardless what circumstances shout, I am able to SEE the promises God hold in his heart and call it into existence.

I believe God’s promises!

I believe in the word of God… If God said it… That settles it!

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