Have you ever been on a path, one that is totally new and unknown to you?

I recently encountered conversations with some friends facing a journey totally new to them. This left an opening inside their hearts for doubt, anxiousness, and even fear to surface.

Embracing a road unknown to you can sometimes leave you feeling anxious and uncertain.

It can raise some questions within your heart… Do I have enough wisdom? Do I have enough strength and courage to face the new road ahead? Will I make it?

A new unknown journey may bring forth some mixed emotions, some might find the experience filled with excitement as they embrace the adventure, some might feel anxious feeling unprepared and uncertain as to what to expect.

Papa recently shared His heart towards unknown journeys. This word is a promise that He will comfort your heart and strengthen your faith.

When you put on the shoes of trust and step into your unknown journey you can KNOW without a doubt that the God of HOPE, the God of PEACE fill your path with strength and courage to bear ALL things.

He will never leave you without support, instead He equip your footsteps with readiness to face all kinds of trials and adventures!

You can rest in His faithfulness and embrace the unseen with faith, knowing that the God of Hope does disappoint!

“Embracing The Unknown” can be found in the section :
Planting Seed – Prophetic Words

May this prophetic word encourage and comfort you when you find yourself on an unknown journey.

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