When the world surrounding you stands powerless against your reality, when circumstances overwhelm your heart and leave you in a state of powerlessness, be reminded that My nature changes not.

I remain I AM, My Nature has not lost it’s power to save, to touch, to transform and to increase. Though you find yourself immersed in difficulty, though struggles seem all you take note off, be reminded that My nature carries sufficient power enabling your heart to endure all difficulty. My grace saturates your heart with sufficient power to remain… strong, victorious and above.

My grace permeates you with supreme power to rule and reign above the seen, power to stand strong within the unknown. Continue to fix your eyes on heavens realities, for My nature loves pouring grace into your days, like rain washing away all fear and unbelief. Remain expectant to the unexpected. I love touching your days with My grace filled goodness

Do not fear your moments of frailty and weakness. In moments of complete powerlessness, surrender your heart into my dependency, surrender into trust, trust Me in your state of weakness. Be reminded that My nature cannot lose its power.

Beloved, embrace the steps I have placed before you, in moments when you feel overwhelmed by your inability to even take one more step, lean into faith, be determined to take a step in faith, for the steps I hold before you, is My hand filled with grace, My hand remains stretched out, ready to carry you in those “powerless “days.

Your perception of strength does not overshadow the truth within My ability to move. My hand remains sovereign. My Name remains above what you see, feel and experience. My Name carry the fullness of My grace. Choose to rest in My Name, choose to rest in times when you are surrounded in uncertainty. Keep taking steps of faith, stepping on to My hand, the carrier of hope, filled with love.

In moments of weakness, rest in My Name.

My Name has not lost the promise of hope, My name is filled with glory and its power remains unchanged. My Name still carries the breath that gives life, My Name still carries the light that overpowers all darkness. My Name remains ABOVE all Names.

I AM… El Shaddai, Lord God Almighty, El Elyon, the most high God, Adonai, Lord Master, Yahweh, Lord Jehovah. Jehovah Nissi, Lord your banner, Jehovah Rapha, Lord that heals. I am almighty, the alpha and omega, King of kings, prince of peace your eternal rock and firm foundation…. I AM

Beloved, rest in the greatness of My Name, My name has not lost it’s greatness, instead its power is made manifest in your frailty, in moments when you feel weak. My Name carries the FULL expression of My nature…LOVE, love that is above all fear and uncertainty, love that cannot fail, instead bears all things. My unconditional love, your perfect strength in all times.

Beloved, surrender your weakness to this truth, My Name is infused with hope, My Name is above all names. Rest your weakness into the fullness of My Name and embrace My outstretched hand, the carrier of your weakness, My hand of power expressing its fullness in times when you feel overpowered in life, when you feel abandoned and without might to overcome.

My Name is ABOVE your weakness!

In My name you have triumphant power over all you face, power over all the power of the enemy. My grace has opened the way to full enjoyment of My Name and the fullness within My nature. As I am, so are you in this world.

Embrace your moment of weakness as you continue taking steps of faith, as you continue to be a partaker of My sufficient grace. Settle your heart in this truth… My Name empowers you to move BEYOND your natural ability. Rest your heart in My empowering presence that gives you the ability to move beyond your own inabilities, moving into what seems impossible.

Beloved, take a step in faith. Breathe a breath of My grace and be renewed and revived as I restore your state of weakness with My immeasurable power, made perfect in your weakness.

My power reveals its fullness in your weakness… Come beloved, embrace My fullness!

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