Are you missing the rain? Is your heart tired of waiting? Are you drowning in the midst of draught? Has your voice dim in the crying out for rain to come…?

Beloved, do not lose focus of My promises and what My mighty hand can accomplish. When it rains everything BUT prosperity…REMAIN

When disaster and calamity rain all around you and even upon your life, remain… Remain fixed in your position of thanksgiving and praise!

Remain Standing! Stand Steadfast in faith and worship Me, the perfect Rain Maker, for the rain the I give is filled with mercy. Showers of compassion rains down on those who patiently wait for Me…

My hand loves to give, My hand loves to give because of Love!

Beloved, the promise of rain to come always remains…

Guard your heart against the natural! Protect your heart against what you SEE, let it not blur your vision and distract your belief! Take no note of the rumbling and thunder the world brings. Shift your eyes away from the lightning and thunder, fear offer…

Remain Beloved!

Keep your eyes heavenly minded always, rest your heart in My peace, knowing that I am bigger than the raging storms. Knowing that I am able to elevate you beyond the storms of life and shift you into My peaceful rain.

Showers of blessings await those wo choose to wait patiently, refreshing drops of revival is My promise to those wo rest their hope in the rain I have to offer.

Beloved… Don’t miss the rain…!

Don’t miss out on the rain filled with promises.

Do not fret… YIELD! Wait patiently… for it WILL come! And when it comes, it will fill your trenches, it will fill your ditches with overflowing abundance. It will replenish your vineyards to be even more fruitful than before. It will yield prosperity, it’s destiny to increase and multiply!

Beloved, Keep your eyes fixed on the unseen. Do not miss the rain! Do not look unto the scorched fields and empty barns, for I am ABOVE! I am above ALL you can see and all you cannot see. I am the perfect channel, the waterway to salvation for all. I am the fulfilment of your fulfilment!

My love is above and beyond the natural…

My love is deeper and wider than what you are able to see… My love is the perfect storm for I overshadow all life circumstances, I conquer all. My love rescues and saves.

My love is filled with perfected rain!

Love rain filled with transformation.

Love rain filled with turnaround raindrops.

Love rain filled with momentum, leading your life into new rivers. Rivers filled with greater acceleration.

Beloved, echo the unseen into the heavens that is ready to birth raindrops filled with My endless promises. Echo the promises into the atmosphere, activating raindrops filled with hope! Hope filled with showers activating blossoms filled with restoration! Restoring the fragrance in the atmosphere, releasing a fresh aroma, a fragrance filled with PEACE…

Know that My rain will come and when it does… It will not disappoint!

Beloved, do not miss the rain!

Wait patiently… For My rain will come, and when it does , it shall not disappoint, instead, it shall uplift, restore and revive!

Wait Beloved… Do not miss the rain…



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