The battle is WON! It is DONE!

For even before I voiced my petition, You heard my cry, You stretched forth Your hand of mercy and displayed your grace, You lift your voice and sang a song of deliverance over me. I stand in awe, I am able to proclaim “The battle is won! I have complete victory!”

The UNLOCKING is in the FIRE!

The breaker anointing is in the heat of the flames. As I worship the God of Breakthroughs, as I remain in His presence, the Breaker the Anointing is moving before me, unlocking a way filled with goodness. All flames meant for destruction is transformed into new flames filled with momentum, grace and compassion, creating heat, activating the Presence of the all consuming fire, my God, a consuming fire that transforms, rebuilds and restores in full measure.

As I fast and pray, as I worship and praise, I activate flames filled with the presence of God, His consuming fire move in my favor and recover that which was stolen. His presence burns away every trap of delay and unlock a new path, leading me to undiscovered treasures, heavenly blessings, resources available at my disposal.

As I continue to voice His word I activate breakthrough anointing, flames that unlock new doors of opportunities filled with a full measure of acceleration and upliftment. As I continue to fix my eyes on God my Breaker, I voice His word with boldness into the atmosphere, creating flames filled with the presence of God that devour lies and deception the enemy desire to use against me to cause unnecessary delays.

I am free from obstruction! I live, move and have my being in Christ, I am able to feast on sudden, unexpected encounters catapulting me into the miracle zone. I feast on my victory, I taste and see that the Lord is good… all the time!

The UNLOCKING is in the WATER!

The breaker anointing is in the LIVING water. In my deepest hours of drought Jesus hears my cry. A drought meant for destruction unlocks new fresh rivers filled with momentum, activating streams filled with mercy and love creating new fountains and wells. Wells that never run dry, instead activate the presence of The Living Water, almighty God, manifesting His love in signs, wonders and miracles. He is the well that never runs dry.  He holds the power to bring NEW water and fresh rivers into my dry and thirsty land. As His presence manifest, new fountains overflowing with anointing unlock favor within my life.

I am uplifted as The Living Water unlock greater restoration. The Living water, Jesus Himself is present in my breakthrough. He move before me as the Breaker. His waves of love is filled with a mighty roar a mighty thunder crushing every lie, breaking delays and overpower all obstruction and confusion set up to confuse my life. I am able to experience His love, embrace His river of abundance and increase as He lead me into breakthrough moments. As I wait, I am able to see Him rescue me.

The UNLOCKING is in the BREATH!                                                 

The breath of God lives inside of me. What I voice into the atmosphere, shall be established unto me. I have the authority of a King. I am not intimidated by the threats of the enemy; instead I suffocate every threat with my breath and unlock new momentum for transformation.

Transforming threats, curses and plans of destruction into a sudden revival filled with new strategies, blessings, and abundance. In my deepest moments of anguish, when I feel as if I am suffocating and out of breath, my breath unlock a greater activation for transformation. My roar moves me deeper into the presence of God. His presence fills my lungs with a NEW breath,  greater strength, courage and boldness.

This is the season to ROAR…

I activate transformation, restoration and breakthroughs with my roar. I am a King. My lungs are filled with the breath of God. My breath carries power and anointing. As I release my roar into the atmosphere I am catapulted into a great extraordinary explosion filled with sudden breakthroughs! 

I stand in awe, the battle is won! In Christ have complete victory!

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