Receive My peace for it’s like a diamond cutting through bone and marrow, cutting deep into the very core of your heart.

Let My perfection rule over your faith, for My government is perfect and eternal, ruling with justice over all darkness.

Beloved, be intentional in your surrendering, surrendering into My perfect rule. Be intentional in surrendering your faith into My perfection, for I am the potter of your faith, I establish the order of your decree, for My voice is saturated in love, power and authority, making a pathway through darkness, leading you into eternity.

Beloved, be intentional in your drinking, remain connected to Me for the essence of intimacy is to DRINK. I am your River, your well to eternal life. I am your salvation, your strength and your song, continue to praise and declare My goodness

In the midst of your valley, In the midst of your wilderness I will be your fountain, a pool of refreshment drink and be filled from the river of My delight.

Be intentional in ruling over darkness with peace, for My peace is like a diamond, a cutting edge filled with radiant light, cutting a pathway in darkness, cutting through the deep, cutting through the hard core of evil.

My peace is immovable, filled with the perfection of My light, My Glory My presence. My presence is the perfect foundation, My presence is complete and lack nothing. It rule with deep passion and relentless love, yet move in power and authority. Where My presence rule, darkness dissipates.

My presence rule with a proclamation as I release My love decree as a footstep crushing darkness underneath My feet. My presence will rise up in perfect rulership, reigning with love over your dark night. My love is your eternal light, the source that cannot fail, a light that cannot be dimmed.

Beloved, continue to seek with hope. Rejoice in the darkness, radiating your light of thankfulness, declaring My goodness in times of darkness. Continue to rejoice for your thanksgiving and praise offering is the perfect invitation, inviting My presence to show up as the breaker of all darkness.

I release My anointing, glory and might to break the gates, crush chains, remove shackles from fear that want to bind you with a restriction to enter. Come beloved, and enter the doorway with peace.  Let peace transform your dark night in a perfect light of hope, releasing a decree that salvation has come, proclaiming the light of My glory has done it all! My perfect love has made a way to eternity.

Beloved, move with intentional hope, release with purpose the expectation of your faith! Rule with faith the unseen into manifestation, rule intentionally with eternal hope, celebrating the outcome of your unseen faith as you govern over darkness with relentless faith and unending joy!

Be perfected as I govern your dark night into completeness, as I intentionally govern your life in the completeness of eternal life, My perfect gift that rule and reign over all.

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