There is great advantage in the fiery furnace of affliction, the key is not to resist the fire, instead rest in the flames surrounding you. My Holy Fire is flames filled with love, mercy and compassion overshadowing every flame of oppression coming against your faith.

I take note of you!

When you find yourself in this space, be reminded that I turn every flame of affliction to your advantage, I use all flames for My glory. The key is to find comfort in the discomfort.

I take note of you!

I have equipped you with all you need to resist the discomfort and to overcome every flame of affliction. I am with you ALWAYS, even in the fiery furnace of affliction, there I am with you, guiding your heart with a new song that will lead your heart above the oppression.

I take note of you!

Beloved, take advantage of the oppression! What reward is there for you within the fiery furnace? Every flame pushes you deeper into My heart, the very place where you can find comfort within the discomfort. Every flame is an opportunity to express your faith and expand your boundaries and opportunities.

I take note of you!

Be overwhelmed in the presence of My FLAMES OF LOVE overshadowing your life. When days of oppression press you from all sides, use your faith, your perfect weapon against all flames of oppression. Have faith in the FLAMES OF MY LOVE, for My love is the perfect resting place, the source and root of your life. When fames of discomfort oppress your faith, choose to rest in the comfort of My love and the truth that I have rescued you even before this place of discomfort.

I take note of you!

My astonishing FLAMES OF LOVE is far beyond any flame of affliction. My love cannot be contained, nor measured. Beloved, there is great favour in the fiery furnace. Never doubt My mighty power at work within the furnace of life, especially in days of affliction and oppression. I will accomplish more than you can imagine.

Beloved, take note of My explosive power as I ignite your faith in the furnace and set you above the oppressions of life. There is no flame greater than the FLAMES OF MY LOVE. My love absorbs, restores and energises your faith. Resist the flames of affliction and embrace the FLAMES OF LOVE, your perfect resting place!

My love remains your source, the essence of your life. My love has destroyed every power of oppression, placing you in a position of eternal victory, for even in the fiery furnace of affliction you have eternal victory!

Continue to war with OUR faith, knowing that I am with you. I have chosen you and I will prove My Name as the Lord who saves, for I am just and do not forsake my chosen ones. I have called you. I have bought you and I will make your way prosperous. Even in the fiery furnace, in your place of oppression, I will prosper you!

Let your faith rise above the flames of life. Let your faith guide your heart towards the resting place of comfort where your heart can rest in My love, your source of life. As you find comfort and rest within My love, embrace My fullness. Embrace your ONENESS with the FLAMES OF LOVE, knowing that you are co-glorified and joined with The Anointed One! Joined as ONE with the ONE who has overcome the fiery furnace of affliction, the flames of oppression. Know that you are co-raised, far above oppression.

I take note of you!

Continue to war with your faith! Continue to war with the truth that My love has set you free, My love has set you above the flames of life. My immeasurable great power is made available to you through faith. Continue to resist the flames of oppression with your faith and take note of how I will make your life an advertisement of My glory, My goodness and My grace.

Rest in My love and TAKE NOTE!

Take note of your eternal victory in My FLAMES OF LOVE!

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