… “This is not what you have expected”


When you turn a page in life and find yourself in a moment where you are trapped, as if inside a box,  faced with the unexpected. Do not become disappointed, for within the unexpected lies the new.

 I am blessing you with the NEW

I am blessing you with change and transformation to rise above the norm, to see things in a brand-new way to perceive things from a different view.

Beloved, when the unexpected surprise your day and tempt to startle your heart with fear, startle your heart with disappointment, pause for a moment and be reminded of My promises…

“I will bless you and I will keep you” for within the unexpected, there I am too…

 It’s within the unexpected where you shall find My words, it’s within the unexpected where you shall hear My voice. What great and new encounters awaits to be explored, what great and new revelation, freedom and hope lies within the borders of the unexpected.

 Beloved, know that My presence overshadow the unexpected.

It might not be what your heart desired, it might not be what you have cried out for. The unforeseen remains unpredicted, yet is bound to change for My presence is present, even in the unexpected.

Do not be dismayed, instead embrace the change, for the change will lead you into a discovery of great fortune, great mysteries within My heart ready to be unlocked!

The unexpected is often overlooked, yet it is the key that will lead your heart into the blessing, into the new which I have predestined and blessed. The unexpected, the surprise of something different, when embraced with great excitement, ignites new momentum that will lead your faith, your relentless seeking into the extraordinary.

Beloved, what is it that you are seeking? What is it that your heart longs for?

Do not hide within the walls of “normal” for I will astonish your seeking beyond the walls of normal and surprise your days with the unplanned, yet blessed!

Now is the time of training Beloved, where I impart within you a new way, a new understanding, for you move not within the steps you can see, instead, I have designed you to move swiftly within the unseen, the unknown.

You have been designed to walk the path of unfamiliar roads, for here faith will lead you into the blessing that lies within the unexpected.

Beloved, this may not be with a you have expected, never in your life have you dreamt that you will find yourself in these borders, stuck in this place that may be unfamiliar, a place that might even be unbearable or unplanned, even so…

Know and always remember My blessing, My favour, My anointing and My love is deeper, wider and in the very center of your unfamiliar, your unexpected territory and your unknown footsteps.

Do not be dismayed Beloved, do not be discouraged, instead, open your heart and rejoice! Open your eyes and see! See My blessing, see My hand of favour!

 I continue to move before you, I continue to make a way for you to embrace My presence,  My power and My glory for My nature is greatly expressed within the unexpected.

How I love to manifest My goodness when you least expect it, how I love to surprise your days with kisses filled with My goodness, filled with  blessings within your unexpected moments…

Beloved, I am your Keeper, always. I am your Blessing, always. My face is toward you… always, My glorious Light shine upon your life, always, My Peace is within your storm…always. 

I rejoice over you with gladness, I never leave you, I never forsake you instead, I keep you protected. I keep you sheltered in My presence, for I am your Most High God.  I bless your coming, I bless your going, I bless your familiar and I bless your unknown journeys!

I exalt Myself in your unexpected days, I am with you in every season and I will prove My faithfulness to you in these unknown days!

Be ready Beloved, be expectant to receive My blessing and My goodness buried like a treasure within the unexpected, and remember…

I am FOR you, ALWAYS!


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