What “zone” do you find yourself in? What do you perceive your current space of reality to be?

Be not deceived by your surroundings, let not your emotions lead the way, for I am the truth and the life. My ways are perfect. Seek not the answer through your own understanding for in Me there is a place filled with rejuvenation for all, the restoration of joy your source of strength.

Rest assured that the “zone” you find yourself in does not determine your direction nor your future. For within Me there is a zone, a place of comfort where you can find peace and rest. A true fountain of hope, a refreshing pool able to transform your weariness and renew your strength. As you seek My face, as you yield your tired bones, step into My zone, the fulfilment of perfection, a well that never runs dry.

Step into My Love ZoneĀ 

My Love is filled with greatness a true source of strength, here I absorb your anxious thoughts and remove all your fear and provide a place where you can cast all your cares upon Me where My power is perfected in your weakness and My love overshadows all darkness.

Choose to rest in My Love Zone, accept it as your residence, a place of rest where the atmosphere is filled with My magnificence, a home filled with compassion ready to fuel your faith, where My presence become your eternal comfort.

As you seek My face and worship in My presence, embrace My whispers as I counsel your heart and move you into deeper hope, for I take great delight in exchanging My thoughts and My views as you rest in My presence. My words are deliberate and intentional with the main purpose to keep you centered in the Love Zone, infused with momentum to endure the rhythm of the outer world, ready to face the unexpected interruptions, waves of life trying to distort the rhythm of your love.

Beloved, when you find yourself trapped in the “Judas zone”, a place filled with betrayal and unexpected rejection. When you feel betrayed when least expected, even by those whom you love deeply, choose not to blame, instead bless and bless even more. Choose to serve impartially, washing feet as I did.

In this world you will have tribulation but take heart, I have overcome the world. I know every “Judas” by name, I love every “Judas” in full measure as I love those who choose to accept Me above the world. My heart is open and ready to embrace, even every “Judas” who choose to follow My ways. My love is for the world, ready to accept and move each heart, as deep as they desire to move with Me and even beyond, for My love has no boundaries.

Beloved, My body was bruised for your betrayal. Know that My blood has set you completely free captivating your heart to overflow in liberty. Know that I have solidified you in My love, no one can separate you from My love for you! As you choose to step out of the “Judas zone”, as you choose to seek My face and yield your hardened heart, receive My truth and My acceptance as I draw you closer to My heart and welcome you into My Love Zone, ready to comfort your heart of stone and be renewed into flesh.


Dwell in My presence and wait on Me for I do not disappoint. Let My love and faithfulness transform your mind and give you a new perspective with the ability to see as I see, able to look Judas in the eyes and wash his feet. Allow Me to train your weary heart to serve impartially and in full measure, even those who come against you. Great things I have done, yet even greater things will you accomplish in My Name, through My strength, moving within you.

When you choose to serve and wash feet from the Love Zone, I enable you to look at life not out of your personal brokenness, instead out of My eyes, ready to see the new and step into My truth. Continue to rest in My garden of peace and allow Me to settle your heart as I continue to weave your mind into mine. Be transformed in this place of peace as you continue to rest in My presence. Be renewed as My thoughts become your thoughts and My ways become your ways as I infuse you with the ability to love as I love, and serve without condition in full measure, as you choose to serve impartially from My love zone.

Embrace My love, embrace My acceptance. Continue to fix your eyes on Me and allow Me to wash your feet and baptise you into a deeper love as you abide in My presence daily for My love zone is a perfect gift to you. Continue to abide in Me and experience a life filled with fullness of joy and untold blessings!

Beloved, Step into My Love Zone…

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