To be impartial means to be neutral, to treat a case or people equally.

Being unbiased and being able to see the whole picture.

Jesus had demonstrated deep and tender love toward the disciples and was about to show them the FULL measure of His Love (Dying on the Cross) (John 13:1)

God placed ALL things under Jesus control, so He had free will to choose to be obedient. (John 13:3)

Jesus finds himself at the point of washing the disciples feet. He knows He is going to be crucified, He knows He is about to be betrayed. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray Him, He even knew Peter was going to deny Him…

Yet He loved them equally and in FULL measure as He served them in AGAPE style by washing their feet.

This action brought my thoughts to a halt where I had to be true to myself and ask myself “How do I serve my Judas or my Peter”? Those who betray me, backstab me, deny me, reject me, those who are disloyal and dishonest.

Can I truly look them in the eyes and still serve them in a FULL measure of love? Can I “wash” their feet equally in comparison to those whom I care for deeply?

When reflecting upon your own life and meditating upon the subject matter of serving, we are reminded that a coin always has two sides…

On the one side you have “Judas and Peter” and on the other side “those who treat you well, and whom you love deeply” and so on. In life, the coin is bound to land on either side and know for sure when the penny drops, your heart will be tested.

Well, when you think of it, a coin actually has “three” sides… The edge is the third part and, in this scenario, resembles “Impartial Serving”.

I will only be able to move freely in this zone once I have died to “self”, when it is no longer ME serving or ME loving, but Jesus THROUGH me. When I am solidified in the Rock of Truth, I am able to love in fullness.

In this zone my life is filled with momentum to move as Holy Spirit leads, and when the time comes and the coin tips over, it really doesn’t matter on which side it lands because I am ready to serve any heart in true AGAPE style, until Holy Spirit move me to the next heart…

As Holy Spirit searched my heart, I needed to meditate on some questions…

What is my position of serving?

Do I find myself from time to time serving from the “accuser” seat or out of the Love Zone?

Am I serving out of a position of unforgiveness, fear, frustration or do I serve from a position of unconditional love, where I choose to look at others through the eyes and perspective of Jesus, and not out of my own reality or opinion?

Why am I serving? What is the motive of my heart?

Do I serve because those whom I serve really deserve it or really don’t?

Do I feel they deserve my time and my love, or they don’t?

Is my motive self-gain, self-gratification, to please others or to gain the praises of men?

What is my measure of serving?

Do I measure it based on how I feel in the moment?

Is my serving driven by emotions, finances and so on?

Do I base it on WHO is being served?

I must be honest, I will never be able to serve anyone in true fullness if I do it in my own strength.  Fortunately, I have the Word and I can stand on the truth that says: “Greater is He who is IN me, than He who is in the world”. I know I cannot do it in my own strength, but I am able to do it out of the strength of Christ IN me. He is IN me therefore His FULLNESS rests in me. All I need to do is to tap into His fullness and release it!

If I am serving others out of the Jesus in ME… I will always be able to serve OUT of full measure IN full measure.

I will never be empty instead, always have something to pour out INTO others.

I am made fearfully and wonderfully, perfected in the image and likeness of God, I am created in love, for love and to love. This is my utmost calling… TO LOVE and it includes everyone!

In order to serve as Jesus did, my focus need to shift, therefor not focussing on the betrayal or the hurt, instead being able to see the end as the beginning, the FULL picture from God’s perspective being able to see the VICTORY in my serving, as I look through the eyes of Jesus while I serve!


Holy Spirit, You are amazing!  I absolutely adore You, you know my heart, you know the areas where I sometimes struggle, You know everything! I give You full permission to move in my life in the area of serving. I surrender completely, I give You room to move in my heart and enable me with boldness and courage to serve like Jesus did.

Thank you for opportunities, to serve one another. You are my helper, you enable me to love and serve in full measure.  Thank you for infusing me with strength to resist the enemy as I choose Your way that activates restoration, unity, life and fullness.

 In Jesus Name I pray.


Read the Papa Letter “Love Zone” that derived from this revelation in the section Planting Seed, Prophetic Words.

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