Practicing Deeper Adoration

I love You Papa; I love you so much. I choose to enter Your courts with thanksgiving and praise. My heart longs to seek nothing but to bless you with my words of adoration. Holy Spirit, lead my heart into the deepest deep of who You are, lead my spirit deeper into my Fathers heart. When I can’t find the words to pray, lead my spirt into the holy of holies, your throne of grace, where mercy welcomes me with a sweet embrace.

I bless you Jesus, you are my eternal hope, you are my strength. When darkness tempts to overtake my soul, you speak peace into the storm. Whisper Your words of peace into my heart, settle my heart with Your words of comfort. Direct my footsteps with Your words of promise. I love you Jesus, my friend, my close companion, you are my savior, you intercede me into triumph, forever my heart overflows with confidence, my heart finds rest in Your unfailing love. How I love you, my Rock, my Redeemer. I am a prisoner bound to your unconditional love, forever I am bound to AGAPE. You are the way to everlasting life; I am joined as one to the eternal Light of life.

How honored am I to know you Papa, you satisfy my thirst, you satisfy my hunger, you are good, now and forever, yes in You my cup runs over, you satisfy my heart. I bless you Papa. You empower me by Your grace and clothe me in strength and might. You wrap Your presence around my life with Your glory. Your sweet whispers are a magnificent fragrance I adore. Your Word is my life, my oxygen, my very breath. How great and wonderful is your Name! The universe declares Your brilliance and power, with one word you spoke everything into existence. I exist because of your Word; with one word You spoke me into existence. Your Word is trustworthy and true, with faith I choose to cling to your every Word, my source of life. I love You Papa, I place my trust in You, my firm foundation.

Holy Spirit, you are My guide and my teacher. Train my heart, open the eyes of my heart towards greater understanding, lead me into deeper revelation, the unknown mysteries my heart yearns for. You fill my life with great journeys, daily you lead me closer to my Fathers heart. I love your kindness towards me, with one gentle touch you move me into greater depths. You are amazing! I adore you!

God of all comfort, I am blessed beyond measure because of Your words of life you speak over me. Forever will I seek your face! Papa, you are the ONE, I choose you, my FIRST LOVE. You are faithful and true, the one I love passionately! You love me into victory, you energise me with your love. In Your presence I am safe and protected, I lack nothing! Your love is my secure source, the key to everlasting life. I delight in you Papa. How I love spending time with you. Your presence is with me always, I am never alone. You are with me always, you never leave my side, day and night you lead my heart into transformation. You transform my perspective, until all I can see is your goodness and your glory. My heart has found a home in You. I am deeply rooted and grounded in your love. I choose to rest in Your presence, here I am safe always. Fill me with more Papa! There is always more! You know me Papa, you know my desires, my dreams, you my weakness and my deepest thoughts, you know me intimately. Fill me with more! I lay my life down, I surrender to your will, I surrender into Your love. I trust you Papa! When darkness surrounds my soul, choose to trust You! I run to your Name, for your Name is my strong tower, my refuge and strength.

Holy Spirit, lead my heart into deeper adoration. Teach me the way of passionate worship. My heart overflows with thanksgiving and praise. You are extravagant and radiant with beauty. My close companion, I love doing life with you! You are magnificent in every way. Teach me more, lead My heart to discover the unknown hidden mysteries, for you know them all! Strengthen and encourage me with your Word of truth.

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