Accept the invitation to the waiting well, the place of rest. Wait where My presence dwell, the place of restoration, wait where My love excels, the place to reconnect. Come to the well and wait, for I turn moments of waiting into moments where I reconcile you back to My word, reconnect you with My promises and re-energise you in My love.

Come to the waiting well where My presence offers your spirit a place to be rejuvenated. Come to the waiting well, the place filled with comfort for the broken, strength for the weary and power for the weak. Come and drink from the Well that never runs dry, come and drink while you wait.

Beloved, respond with patience while you wait and enjoy the refreshment My love offers. Come and drink with intention, while you wait. Come and position yourself intentionally in rest while you wait to receive. No good thing do I withhold from those who love Me and seek My face. In faith and patience inherit the promise. Continue to grow in patience as you wait, for patience enable you to resist the negative and attract peace that keeps you filled with hope. Position your heart intentionally at the well, the spring of life, while you wait, wait to be reset, wait to be answered, wait to be rescued, wait until the manifestation of the promise.

In the waiting, set your affection towards Me, for its in the waiting where I transform your sight, enlighten the eyes of your heart and illuminate your understanding. As you wait, I renew your strength and enable you to see what is hidden beneath the clouds of despair. Beloved, be strong and let your heart take courage, I have already made provision for ALL your needs. As you wait, I open your eyes to see deep hidden mysteries, discover hidden treasures, as you wait. I reset your sight to take note of the well in the wilderness, living water within the dry desert.

Do not fear when wilderness moments rise, for I am able to turn a barren wilderness into an oasis, filled with water, and delightful streams. Nothing is impossible, nothing is too hard for Me, I make springs flow into desert lands. As you wait Beloved, position and prepare your heart for the refreshing flow, for the new momentum, for the higher frequency, one moving your spirit to flow in My grace, to flow in moments where your weary heart can enjoy the full expression of My power.

Every waiting well is filled with sufficient grace. Come beloved, come when you feel troubled, come when you feel weary, come in your moment of weakness and drink a cup of grace. The grace in the Well of eternal life is sufficient, uninterrupted supply to perfect and strengthen your spirit in moments of waiting.

The Well has done it all, the Well has conquered all and placed victory in your spirit, your spirit has all it needs to triumph. Come therefore boldly to the waiting well and rest in My sufficient grace. Come and fill your cup with all-sufficient grace and drink, there is no limit, only sufficiency.

Enjoy My presence at the waiting well, enjoy the Well that never runs dry, the Well overflowing with grace, overflowing with life, overflowing with joy unspeakable. In your waiting, come to the Well that never runs dry for I incline Myself to all who wait. Embrace the fullness the waiting has to offer. Explosive power to transform your wilderness into an overflowing oasis, power to transform what seems impossible into a fountain of new hope.

In the waiting, dip your cup into the Well and draw from My might and strength, drink from My grace upon grace. I am your waiting well, I am all you need. I am Yahweh, I am Jehovah Jireh, I am enough! Come to Me, come and drink all My love and all My presence offers. In the waiting I enlighten your heart and renew your strength.

Be of good courage as you wait, be remined that the vision is for an appointed time, though it may tarry, wait for it, for surely it will come, I will bring it to pass, I will fulfill each promise, I will finish the good work I began.

Now Beloved, enjoy every moment at the waiting Well.

Drink and Rejoice!


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