I see every detail of every moment, I see every detail of your struggle, your disappointment and your challenges. I hold every broken piece within your life close to My heart. I see every detail within your deep dark pit, every detail in your pain. I see every detail within your ashes and your deep longing for beauty, for what was and the potential of what could be again.

Know this truth, I have great value for your ashes, and I have great value for your beauty. I remain the God of transformation, with a great purpose of birthing diamonds within ashes. There is exceeding great potential within your ashes.

When all you see in front of you are ashes, take note of the beauty, even within the ashes, for ashes carry the memory of what was, and the potential of what can be, what is still to come. Even though your ashes may find itself in a moment of rest, it carries great potential to rise up in transformed beauty, carrying My eternal frequency to move, while in a state of rest.

Beloved, there is unlimited potential within ashes, unlimited beauty ready to rise up. Know this truth, I have unlimited garments assigned with the purpose to transform ashes into beauty. I have heavenly blessings assigned with the purpose to transform, blessings established for the brokenhearted, for the weary, for those in need of joy, in need of beauty. My Spirit rest upon you, especially in moments of despair. My Spirit continues to bring transformation in all your chaos, transforming ashes to beauty.

It’s time to rise! Be intentional in accepting My garment of praise, be intentional in accepting My oil of joy. Let My Spirit upon your weary soul lead your heart into the new. As you praise, as you worship, step into the new, new potential that holds great possibilities. 

Wear your garment of praise in faith, carry your oil of joy with hope, together we will rise and rebuild the ruins, turning each ash moment, into perfected beauty. The time has come to rebuild, repair and restore. I use every ash moment to My advantage. There is great potential within ashes, potential ready to display My greatness within its beauty.

Choose praise over despair, though you may feel deserted, though you may feel abandoned. Choose worship over discouragement. My Spirit is upon you, My hand is at work, especially within your ash moments. In these moments, be intentional in taking note of the joy within the ashes, the beauty within the ashes. You shall be a witness to the revival and restoration.

Beloved, remain intentional in praising and worshipping Me within your ashes for the frequency of your praise carries great power to heal broken hearts, turning ashes to beauty. Ashes holds the past, yet it also holds within it the beauty, the promise of what is to come. Things in this world will come and pass, but My words, My promises, My love remains eternally yours.

Continue to worship Me in spirit and in truth, remain expectant of a great outpouring of My beauty. Continue to partner with My presence as you choose to worship within your ash moments. My presence is filled with glory, ready to transform ashes into beauty.

It’s time to rise Beloved!

Take up your garments of praise and oil of joy, step into the beauty of the potential within ashes. Continue to dance in the darkness, continue to praise upon your ashes. Embrace My presence, partner with My power and step into the promise of unlimited potential, living in the glory of unlimited beauty.

I am with you, I am within every detail of your every moment. I remain your redeemer, your restorer, your eternal Ruach.

Rise up and dance Beloved! Rise up and embrace the beauty within the ashes.


In loving memory of my Dad, Hennie Nienaber 16 February 1949 – 20 July 2023

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