I have weaved your faith into My DNA, I have created and established your spirit with the measure of faith. You have been co-glorified and co-raised, raised with every measure of faith to walk in power and victory.

I have intended that your faith should trust in My almighty power, instead of trusting in what man can or cannot do for you, let your faith trust in My almighty power. I give you assurance to boast in what I have done. I have conquered the cross, I have conquered death, I have established a reset to enter in, there is no separation. No separation from My love, no separation from My power, we are ONE, joined in perfect unity, joined to flow in faith, moving from glory to glory, moving in power and might.

Flow in faith with Me, My power enables you to move beyond your ability to see, beyond your ability to imagine what My power is able to accomplish. I have so many outpourings in store, you need only to believe…Trust in MY power. Waver not in your faith, move in steadfast faith. As you flow in confidence with Me you shall come into understanding and experience My grace intention. My grace is filled with intention. I lavish My grace intentionally on you, to empower you in moments when you feel weak, to walk boldly in My empowering presence, to move above and beyond what your eyes allow you to see.

Beloved I have intended that your faith should trust in My almighty power, therefore, daily choose to walk intentionally through the eyes of what faith sees. Faith sees My power at work in the background, faith sees My hand on display in darkness. Continue to align your faith with the spirit of truth. Those who move with the spirit of truth carefully evaluate all things and understand My revelations, My promises. Continue to live your life dominated by My spirt.

Align your faith with My perception, you are one with My vision. Move with the eyes of faith. Rest in My power and what faith can unlock in your life as you believe My power above what your natural eyes are tempted to see. Faith sees past doubt, faith sees beyond fear, faith take note of the supernatural. Faith sees the walls of oppression destroyed; faith sees dry bones come to life.

Continue to partner your faith with the spirit of might, we are one, moving together in power, power permeated with supernatural manifestation. Power to influence, infiltrate and illuminate, the impossible with divine authority. Let the spirit of might lead your faith, together we move beyond what seems impossible, as we choose to believe heavens perspective.

Continue to walk with footsteps of faith. You have the mind of Christ, the ability to think with heavens perspective. Choose to trust the leading of the spirit of might as you intentionally trust in My ability. You have been co-raised in authority and power to rule and reign with dominion over disorder and chaos. Our spirit of might secures your faith filled footsteps especially when your life is surrounded with oppression. Together we manifest transformation through our authority. Commanding mountains to move and melt as wax.

You are My royal priesthood, ordained to rule and reign with dominion, power and authority. Align your faith with our spirit of might and embrace the reality of the supernatural as we soar on wings of eagles, walk on water, move beyond time and space, bringing all things under our subjection. Acknowledge My power at work in your life. Choose to walk in faith with our spirit of Might, we are one, joined together in unity, walking in triumphant victory. To journey with our spirit of Might, is walking with eyes of faith that sees the end as the beginning, calling forth, in faith, things not yet seen as if it has been established.

We are the enforcers of change!

Beloved, born of the spirit of might, let us, in togetherness, transform the atmosphere through the eyes of faith.


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