Written 15.02.2021


How I love to walk with you through the valley. I am in all your seasons, I am in every emotion, even those you don’t understand and don’t accept. I am your revelation and your song, I am your revival and I awake your soul. I am in this place where you don’t want to be, but can’t seem to escape.

Its within the place of discouragement where I reveal the fullness of My nature. In simplicity I express My supremacy and display My love and devotion within your heart.

Beloved, it’s time to SING!

It’s time to make a joyful noise and celebrate the valley moments, celebrate your dry bones, celebrate the wilderness, celebrate My faithfulness, for it’s in these moments I give you momentum to accelerate, transform your perspective and upgrade your faith.

I am God of this place. My presence is present in this space. Do not be timid in your praises, invade the atmosphere with a song of adoration, giving glory to the ONE who holds all the mysteries of the earth within ONE HAND!

Surrender your heart, take refuge in My love and faithfulness and be glad, for in your moment of discouragement, this is where I show up with My love and faithfulness. I am your strength and your shield, take refuge in Me, do not doubt, instead S.I.N.G!

I am the ONE who gives dry bones new life and breathe new courage within your heart. I do not forsake those whom I love. Embrace My presence in the valley, take note of My provision in the wilderness.  My power is in this place. As you surrender, as you confess your weakness, bring an offering. Celebrate My presence in this place. Surrender your dry bones, surrender your valley moment, for I am in every detail of your life, I do not forsake… instead I AWAKE!

Beloved S.I.N.G!

Surrender your weakness into My supremacy, I am God over all impossibilities. Surrender your sight and inability to see My plan, My provision and My power at work. Pick up your staff of faith and walk with Me, I reward those who seek me. The good work I began in you is established, I will bring it to completion.

Identify, associate and connect with My nature, for in your moment of displacement is where I reveal the fullness of My nature. Take note of the power within My presence. Rest your heart in Mine and be aligned and connected with My truth. Associate with the manifestation of My nature in Love as I overwhelm you with a display of My goodness, for the same power that is displayed in your moment of weakness and dryness is within you, day and night.

Beloved, pay attention to My ability to resurrect and awake. Resist the negative and nullify every temptation, give no opportunity to the enemy to corrupt your mind with noise filled with lies, instead observe My word that activate transformation within your thinking, believing and perceiving. Cancel and nullify every negative thought with My truth and My promises. Resist every wrong opinion waging war against My nature, instead embrace My truth as I captivate you with My goodness.

Take note of My presence within your valley, your deep dark pit, your dry desert. Take note of My faithfulness within your wilderness and surrender. Continue to partner with My love that cast out every form of fear. Nullify every negative emotion and take captive every lying whisper waging war against your heart.

Glorify! Praise Me in your valley, worship Me in your wilderness. Not for a minute did I forsake you. I am with you. I am in this place. Here I surround you with My majesty and awake your heart to My love and faithfulness. Here I meet with you again. Here I reveal My glory and uphold you with My strength. Exalt My name as the Name above all names. I am Lord in this place. I remain faithful in all My ways.

Beloved S.I.N.G!



What happens when I sing?






Means to let go, to yield. 

When I surrender, I let go of my own inability. I release “I can’t, but God can”. I let go of my capacity, capabilities and temptation to move in my OWN strength. I yield my DOING and exchange it for BEING.


Means to recognise, associate and connect. 

If you look for the negative, you will find it in everything. If you associate and connect with negative thoughts it will transform your heart with anxiousness and shape the way you see things. We are to be vigilant what we look at, we should daily make the choice to connect our hearts with the truth and to associate and surround ourselves the positive. We are to recognise God’s ability over our inability.

We are to constantly associate ourselves with God’s perspective in all our circumstances, we should associate and ACCEPT His views. We are to pay attention to His whispers and promises and connect with His truth. His whispers and promises should absorb every detail of our lives.





To nullify means to Invalidate or cancel out. To notice means to observe and pay attention to. 

Your life will constantly be surrounded with bad reports and daily expectations that need attention. This can become overwhelming at times especially when your mind is constantly being cluttered by lies yelling, you are incapable to overcome, too weak to conquer etc. 

It is my responsibility as a believer to notice and nullify the lies of the enemy and negative thoughts, to take captive every deceitful whisper of the enemy. It is my responsibility to meditate on what is true for this will transform my belief and my perspective. 


Means to praise, exalt, worship. To acknowledge and reveal the majesty and splendour of Papa through my actions. 

To glorify means to ACT. Even when I do not FEEL like worshipping, I still do it by CHOISE. Praise and worship establishes my faith. When I glorify God, I declare my complete dependency in Him. I decree that I trust Him fully and especially in times when I find myself a prisoner surrounded by darkness. I am able to see God as being bigger than my problems. When I glorify Papa, He draw’s near to me and responds to me with revelation, strategy and breakthroughs. When I glorify Papa, I am humbled and I gain the right view of myself, I am able to see myself how God sees me, I enter a deep place of discovery that leads to transformation.

 Acts 7:25

And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And SUDDENLY there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and IMMEDIATELY all the doors were opened, and every one’s HANDS were LOOSED.

When we S.I.N.G we activate power within our worship that SHAKE, OPEN and LOOSE chains. Not only my chains but everyone who find themselves a prisoner of hopelessness, a prisoner of discouragement is freed when they HEAR my worship.

Psalm 100:4

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise and give thanks to him and praise his Name.

When we S.I.N.G…We enter the INTIMACY zone. We enter the TRANSFORMATION zone. We enter the LOVE zone

When we S.I.N.G we move closer to Papa’s heart. As we adore Him and give thanks unto Him, bless Him for His nature, we enter the access that was given to us to be close with Him. We enter the space where we get to know Him deeper.

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