My promises pave the way and set the course for your feet to follow. Guard your heart from growing weary, instead linger in My presence while you wait for the promise, for it will come and not delay. My word does not fail, My promises do not disappoint for they are all infused with hope.

My promises carry My vision and the desires of My heart. Surely it will be fulfilled in its appointed time. There is great fulfilment and abundant blessings within the waiting. My promises do not fail, therefore, wait for it patiently, for it will certainly come!

Continue to wait, in the waiting, continue to root your heart in My Word, your anchor and your assurance. Rest your hope in My truth.

Will I decree a promise and not see it through to the end?

Beloved, sound the announcement declaring “It is time!” Time for the extraordinary, time for the sudden unexpected – yet anticipated… Time for the impossible to be birthed!

Continue to remain standing strong in the battle, continue to stand in the fire. Continue to decree My goodness in the battle, continue to declare My faithfulness in the fire. Continue to remember My word as you keep your eyes fixed on My steadfast love. Continue to set your thoughts upon My Kingdom and what My heavenly hosts has to offer, for I do not leave you abandoned and without hope! No, daily I pour out fresh grace and mercy upon your life!

My promises remain, to transform the small and what seems insignificant into a great display of My power, My glory and My faithfulness. Remember My vision, remember My promise, My commitment to your heart, remember our endless conversations.

Remain standing, remembering…until you see the promise fulfilled, until you taste the victory. Do not hide your heart in pain, do not hide your heart in disappointment, instead, keep declaring My revelations, until I prove each promise to you. Hide your heart in My truth, My word, for grass withers and flowers fade, but My word stand forever.

Beloved, wilderness moments will come, testing fire will rise, when it does, embrace the opportunity where your faith is tested and stretched with one goal in mind – to increase your capacity, to enlarge your ground.


My breath ignites fresh movement and new momentum as I voice My promises over you. Embrace My perfect peace as I lead your footsteps though each challenge opposing your promise. Embrace My love as I guide your heart through the wilderness and train your faith as we journey through the fire. My love remains your guarantee for victory, especially when you face many moments filled with uncertainty.

My promises paved the way and is continually leading you into extravagant encounters with a deliberate purpose, to manifest My presence in every area of your journey.

Continue to move, expecting encounters to manifest, moments that will build strength and bring revelation in areas where the journey seems unclear, for every journey with Me, will lead you into deeper spiritual maturity.

Beloved, remain in the course set before you, stay within your process and embrace it, for this will grow your endurance and release perfection within every area that is in need of transformation, for I do not forsake maturing your faith, finishing the perfect work I began. I keep My promises, My desire remains growth and to build your strength in order to carry My promise into fulfilment. As you remain, waiting for the manifested promise, persevere with great endurance, for I am preparing you for even greater conquests.

Refrain from striving, obey only My voice. Though at times you might feel dry and empty, know that within Me is a well, filled with joy, mercy and grace, to sustain and empower you in all circumstances.

My love remains your eternal oasis, My nature changes not, for My promise remains to birth the new wine, to transform your wilderness moments, your dry and empty places into carriers of My new wine!

Beloved, do not resist the journey you are on, instead embrace it! I am leading our footsteps into My promises with the purpose to manifest the NEW!

Continue moving within My momentum.  Stay within My rhythm.  Remain within My pattern…

I am moving you into the NEW!

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