When the world hands you a line, one that sets boundaries and highlight the limitation within your calling and purpose, do not fret, for in Me I have given you a life line, one that is unconditional, leading to repentance, as you choose to follow My goodness.

My love knows no limit and My mercy endures forever.

Do not be discouraged when the world highlight your weakness or even become your accuser. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, for unconditional love does not draw a line, it does not set a limitation on grace, yet within My love there is a line, one that triumphs over judgment. In Me there is a line, one that overshadows darkness, unique in its kind. A line that leads your heart into My goodness.

Embrace My mercy line. When hardship and tribulation, even temptation and accusation leave you face down in the dust, take heart, for Mercy drew a line in the sand. In Me there is a line, one that is not without hope, instead carries enough power to restore and is able to cause profound distraction, moving the eyes of the world away from imperfection towards an unveiled identity that is perfected in the line when mercy is drawn in the sand.

Beloved, what language does mercy speak? When flesh cries out “Where is the justice!” How will mercy respond?

Mercy responds with a line…

One voicing the need to be rescued in an unexpected and unmerited way. My mercy triumphs over judgement. My mercy line lead to eternal life, filled with forgiveness. As you find yourself laying with your face in the dust, feeling abandoned and without hope. When the world starring at your failure, know that I am by your side, bending in the dust NEXT to you…

My writings in the sand has the final say, it expects nothing except that you will accept My forgiveness and walk in My goodness. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy. I am good to all and My mercy overshadow all, it never comes to an end.

Beloved, as I have forgiven you, so you must also forgive. Judge not and you will not be judged. Condemn not and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven, be merciful even as I am merciful. My steadfast love never ceases, and My mercies are new every morning, as the day bless the flowers with a fresh gift of dew, so I complete your day with heavenly blessings, unconditional love and never-ending mercies.

When life hand you a basket filled with judgement and accusation, be reminded that I have granted you a throne of grace, one where you are welcomed as you draw near with boldness. In your time of need, choose the throne of grace. Enter My presence with boldness, moving in confidence that in Me you are accepted and welcomed.

Be reminded that mercy triumphs over judgement. When the world cries out with a voice filled with accusations, you choose how you respond. Within Me I have blessed you with a gift… My mercy line, saturated in forgiveness, filled with the power of grace.

Let unconditional love lead your heart to respond with a line… Responding with mercy in an unexpected and unmerited way, for I move your thoughts toward the unthinkable, the unimaginable of what lies beyond the line…

I will make My goodness pass before you!

Take My hand and let My perfect love lead you into a way everlasting and full of life, where you are positioned to triumph!

Embrace My Mercy Line….

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