Your heart will always pursue what you deem highly valuable, what you treasure most will always draw your attention. Daily I prepare a fellowship table longing that you will sit with Me and allow your heart to absorb all I set before you.

Many don’t pursue the fellowship table, for their hearts grew cold, yet it’s here at the table of heart-to-heart communication that I draw your heart closer to Mine. It is here, at the table of fellowship, where I awaken your heart towards the depth of My love, where My presence illuminates the eyes of your heart to understand how deep and wide My love is towards you and enable you to see the true condition of your heart.

Inhabit My fellowship, enjoy the drink My heart offers, out of your heart flows the wellspring of life, My drink is filled with life, filled with power to sustain your heart. Embrace the table of intimacy, where I pour out My words of encouragement, pour out promises positioning your heart for direction.

Choose to take a seat at My fellowship table and enjoy the feast of intimacy I set before you, allow your heart to rest and be vulnerable as you enjoy the company of My presence, for I have prepared a feast for your heart, I set before you peace that surpasses all understanding, hope that does not disappoint and blessings without measure.

Set your heart to be fixed upon My face, My attention is set upon you, My table of intimacy is filled with unimaginable fellowship moments, ready to nurture your heart. Respond to My love and receive My words of life as we engage in deep spirit filled conversation. Feast upon My words of truth and allow it to penetrate your heart with life giving nutrition.

Exchange your words of disappointment, exchange your words of doubt, exchange your thoughts clouded with deception, thoughts polluting your mind with confusion for the life-giving truth that sets your heart free to live in abundant joy, your source of strength.

Beloved, as you continually eat from the table of fellowship, guard this place of intimacy with much diligence, lest the enemy find a seat within your heart, blinding the eyes of your heart to see the plans and schemes clouding your understanding, unable to discern the lies binding your heart through deception. I desire nothing more than for your heart to overflow with joy in the company of My presence.

The purpose of the fellowship table is eternal togetherness.

Enjoy the company of My presence as I continue to draw your heart and mind into oneness with Mine. It is here at the intimacy table where I train your heart to be aligned with perfect adoration. At the table of intimacy, I cleanse your heart from all impurities and renew a steadfast spirit within you. Here you find freedom to lean your head onto My bosom and ask Me your deepest requests.  Here you can rest your heart in the protection My presence has to offer as you continue to partake of My blood and My body, your source of eternal life.

How I enjoy  your affection towards Me, I accept you fully, there is no need to shy away from the table of fellowship, embrace the company of My presence despite your failures and your weakness. This table is filled with a feast of miracles to enjoy. Surrender your heart and receive My unconditional love, your source for revival. Continue to abide, for here at the table of fellowship you have freedom to indulge in the fruit of light I set before you, fruit that gives direction to your heart.

Remain in communion with Me and indulge in My life giving words. I sustain all who remain seated at My fellowship table. My table of intimacy overflows with a feast that sustains your faith. Remain seated at My fellowship table and partake of My wraparound presence.

I empower you to overcome, I sustain you until you taste your victory, I alone remain your source of hope. As you enjoy My company, choose to surrender your trust in My faithfulness, set your confidence in My ability to move mountains before your face.

Feast on My intimacy as I focus to draw you into deeper adoration, enjoy indescribable moments as you gaze upon My glory and remember your troubles no more, enjoy My presence as I fill the atmosphere with a sweet aroma of My fragrance. I have reserved a seat in your honor. As you continue to gaze upon My beauty, feast in My goodness and  embrace our fellowship. As you feast, all insecurities diminish, all fear  dissipate until only My presence can be noticed.

Beloved, do not trouble your heart with the cost of the feast, I paid the price and redeemed your seat, you have eternal access into the company of My presence. How I delight in these special moments of intimate conversation where you engage in My presence welcoming your heart to dine with Mine, My fellowship table offers a place of rest for your heart, here you have rest from all the cares burdening your heart and weighing you down. Here you have freedom to cast your cares upon Me and rest.

As your rest enjoy the refreshments I set before you, My fellowship table is the perfect place to be rejuvenated and revived, here I exchange thoughts and revelation through heart-to-heart communication, I require only that you partake in the fellowship My heart offers as I pour out My love and revelation light. My fellowship table invites you into deeper encounters with My presence.

My eyes are set upon you, taking note of every detail of your life, take advantage of the intimacy offered at My fellowship table, for this table is reserved exclusively for My beloved! I have prepared a feast in the midst of your enemies, I provide a table with unlimited provision, choose to dine with Me and partake in all I set before you, though the enemy might encircle our table, he has no access. Access is denied, unless you invite him to sit. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, lest you become distracted by the movement and the voice of the enemy.

At My fellowship table I require nothing but for you to rest in the perfection of My company and all My presence has to offer. I set a table before you, a table of rest, where you can rest in My presence and feast on the portions My love offers. Those who accept the invitation, accept My hand of provision, for I carried the cost of the feast. Embrace this safe space where your heart  can become vulnerable before Mine. My fellowship table offers the perfect opportunity to partake in the great exchange, your thoughts for Mine, your plans and dreams for Mine. My thoughts towards you is innumerable, purposed to prosper you and equip you with unfailing strategy for eternal victory.

When the time comes to feast, I offer you all I have, My fellowship table lack nothing, I carried the cost so you can embrace the fullness of the feast. Feast in all I offer, complete access to My heart, for I draw close to all who set their affection towards Me.

Embrace this moment of intimacy, indulge and enjoy.

Embrace the company of My presence.

Embrace My fellowship table!

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