I am the real deal!

It’s so much better to trust Me, than to put your confidence in men. Instead of anchoring your hope in flaky relationships, rest in My authentic love. Instead of depending on your own strength, fasten your heart to what is authentic, what is true, what is real.

Rest in My authenticity.

Rest in My authentic love, My authentic word, My authentic nature. My word is pure, it endures forever. My word is faithful, it multiplies and prevails, it conquers and triumphs.  Anchor your faith in the authenticity within My word. Those who receive My word, receives Me.

Those anchored in My word, is anchored in My wisdom. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Doubt not the authenticity within My nature. There is no end to My nature. There is no end to My mercy, My grace and my faithfulness.

Rest in My authentic love…

My love is true and filled with everlasting life.  My love proved its authenticity on the cross. There is no flaw within My passionate love, My love triumphs over the crucible. Can one thing separate you from My love?

My love surpasses them all, My love does not lose its authenticity, nor its power in darkness, trials or tribulations. The turbulence of life is impotent in hindering my omnipotent love.

Rest in My authentic love, rest in My authenticity, rest in My authentic nature.

I am all in all! I am the perfect Father; I lead all and work through all. I live in all. All things were created, by Me and for Me. I am before all things; in Me all things hold together. I do not lose My grip on My Beloved.

Beloved, rest in knowing that the total sum of My nature, all My perfection, all My power, all My love, dwell in you. I am all and in all. You are one with My nature, grafted into My authenticity. One with My likeness, one with My fullness.

Continue to abide in Me, leave all your cares at My feet and enjoy the full expression of My authenticity as I express My measureless grace through My empowering presence. My power and My presence become even more radiant as you surrender at My feet.

My realness, My authenticity, My fullness finds its expression in all My devoted ones. My glory hovers over all who bow low before Me. I am authentic and real. Keep your thoughts continually fixe on Me.

Rest in My authenticity… I am the real deal!


Psalm 118:8 TPT

“Lord, it is so much better to trust in you to save me than to put my confidence in someone else.

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